HeyBryan Adds New App Categories

- October 17th, 2019

HeyBryan Media Inc. today announced the addition of new categories to its expanding list of services.

HeyBryan Media Inc. (CSE:HEY) (“HeyBryan” or the “Company”), a peer-to-peer marketplace app backed by HGTV star Bryan Baeumler that connects customers to trusted Experts who have the skills to complete everyday home-maintenance needs, today announced the addition of new categories to its expanding list of services.

The new categories include heating and cooling, pickup and delivery, roof and gutter maintenance, junk removal, mounting and installation, flooring and carpeting, moving services, and lawn maintenance. With these new additions, HeyBryan now provides services across 15 categories in total, which further strengthens the Company’s value proposition.

“We started off with seven categories, are adding another eight now and planning to add more in the not-too-distant future, including seasonal categories such as snow removal, for example. It’s important for us to continue expanding HeyBryan’s services to the point where our customers can get all aspects of their home maintenance seamlessly and efficiently tackled by our Experts. We are just getting started,” says Lance Montgomery, CEO of HeyBryan.

Founded in 2018, the app is named after Canadian HGTV personality and one of the country’s most trusted contractors, Bryan Baeumler. Bryan is widely recognized as a home-maintenance expert and has been featured in multiple hit shows for over seven years, such as House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, Leave it to Bryan, and most recently, the #1 show in HGTV’s history, Island of Bryan.

HeyBryan launched in both Vancouver and Toronto less than one year ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Payments are processed through the app, eliminating the need for any in-person money exchange. Plus, unlike many marketplaces, Experts can list themselves and receive leads for free, providing the ultimate flexibility. Every Expert is vetted by a thorough, professional background check to ensure a safe and secure experience for consumers.

“HeyBryan expertly responds to the need for trustworthy, high-quality work around the house. Think of it as Uber for home services. Getting small jobs done at home, and getting paid well for doing them, has never been easier,” adds Bryan Baeumler.

Over the last decade, contract and gig work has shown a steady increase in popularity, growing 12 times faster than the number of permanent jobs for workers between the ages of 25 and 54 in Canada.

About HeyBryan Media Inc.

HeyBryan Media (CSE: HEY) is a peer-to-peer marketplace app offering a friendly and seamless way for customers to connect with trusted and vetted experts for everyday home-maintenance needs. Founded in 2018, the app is named after Canadian HGTV personality and one of the country’s most trusted contractors, Bryan Baeumler.

Payments are processed through the HeyBryan app, eliminating the need for any in-person money exchange. Every Expert is background checked and credit checked to ensure a safe and secure experience for consumers. Typical tasks booked include handyman services, mounting or installation, furniture assembly, plumbing, painting, cleaning, lawn and yard maintenance, and more. HeyBryan accommodates busy schedules by allowing the independent workforce and consumers to communicate and work together. It’s about real experts doing real work for real people.


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HeyBryan Adds New App Categories

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