Broadcom Introduces Industry First WiFi Chip

- October 10th, 2019

The new 3×3 WiFi 6 chip will enable performance enhancements in gaming, video streaming and augmented reality applications.

Broadcom (NASDAQ:AVGO), a technology company announced that it has unveiled a chip made for WiFi routers and WLAN applications that is designed to scale for high bandwidth and low latency WiFi applications. The chips enable high-performance capabilities for augmented reality, gaming and video streaming.

As quoted in the press release:

“The new Wi-Fi 6 chip from Broadcom allows Technicolor to expand the portfolio of products we develop to cover a growing number of home networking scenarios. As network service providers (NSPs) look for new ways to meet different end-user needs, Technicolor has worked closely with Broadcom to seamlessly integrate this advanced silicon into our latest generation of customer premises equipment (CPE). The improvement of performance enabled by the Wi-Fi 6 BCM6710 will lead to better user experiences for multiple services — such as gaming, video streaming and other connected home applications. At BBWF, Technicolor will demonstrate for the first time a BCM6710 chip-equipped gateway that meets the different technical and economic requirements of cable and telco operators.” — Mercedes Pastor, President, Global CPE Business Unit, Technicolor

“BCM6710 gives us and operators the flexibility we desire in the selection of the number of antennas for Wi-Fi 6 extenders introduced to consumers. BCM6710 can be used as the fronthaul or backhaul radio, in dual band or tri-band designs.” — Metin Taskin, CTO, Airties

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