Just Kitchen: Smarter Food Tech Solutions via Ghost Kitchens

- April 6th, 2021

JustKitchen (TSXV:JK) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network.

JustKitchen (TSXV:JK) focuses on its Hub-and-Spoke operating model, which works to enable efficiency maximization and margins in response to the unprecedented growth of the online food delivery industry due to social distancing restrictions and COVID-19 measures.

This Hub-and-Spoke operating model takes semi-prepared food from its full-scale commercial kitchens or “Hubs,” which then distribute them to “Spokes” for completion before delivery to end consumers. JustKitchen leverages data to create value, improve supply chain management and optimize menu creation. Through well-engineered software, the company works to proactively predict demand for better cost management and customer satisfaction.

JustKitchen’s Company Highlights

  • JustKitchen is a network of highly efficient “Hub-and-Spoke” commercial kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens or virtual kitchens, that allow delivery-only food items to reach more customers and avoid unnecessary overhead and operating costs.
  • The company primarily operates in Taiwan but has plans in the near term to grow internationally into other markets, for example, in Asia and the US.
  • JustKitchen uniquely offers delivery-only meals under its own proprietary menus as well as for established restaurant brands, including Michelin-level vendors.
  • The company expects to launch a JustKitchen proprietary meal ordering app as part of its emerging technology channel in 2021. Its digitally-driven software solutions already leverage customer data to optimize supply chain management, menu creation and demand analytics.


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