FANDOM SPORTS Reveals First Esports Character for Highly-Anticipated Platform Launch

- May 7th, 2019

In preparation for the upcoming launch of their highly-anticipated sports social media engagement platform, FANDOM SPORTS Media (CSE:FDM, OTCQB:FDMSF, Frankfurt:TQ42) is pleased to reveal, Justice, the Platform’s first esports character.

In preparation for the upcoming launch of their highly-anticipated sports social media engagement platform, FANDOM SPORTS Media (CSE:FDM, OTCQB:FDMSF, Frankfurt:TQ42) is pleased to reveal, Justice, the Platform’s first esports character.

In partnership with Piñata, a leading, global amination production house, FANDOM SPORTS created the female graffiti artist, Justice, who has made a reputation for herself for leaving the battlefield looking better than when she entered it. She lives in the moment and does not stress about tomorrow. Together, FANDOM SPORTS and Piñata, designed Justice to stand out to future users of their soon-to-be-launched esports app, wearing vibrant colors that match her colorful imagination.

“Piñata is a fantastic partner for the FANDOM SPORTS esports app and we’re looking forward to developing all of our characters with them,” said Henri Holm, CEO and Director of FANDOM SPORTS. “We know future users will enjoy learning and connecting with Justice’s persona in addition to using her throughout their game experiences with other users. We can’t wait to get started as soon as we officially release our upcoming app.”

As remaining character personas are still being developed, Piñata will play a critical role in creating the esports app’s exclusive characters through their contracted partnership. FANDOM SPORTS plans to introduce a total of four esports characters to its users.

“We’re extremely pleased to be partnering with FANDOM SPORTS, the leading social media platform for sports and sports fans,” said Miia Länsimäki, Producer of Piñata. “This gives us the opportunity to be part of a highly-anticipated esports app launch and allows us to bring new levels of authenticity and realism to users in the interest of immersing themselves in the drama and emotion of the game through the characters we create. We look forward to rolling out future characters that will engage with sports fans in a variety of innovative and exciting ways.”

When it comes to developing animated characters, the goal is to create personas that stick with those who are playing or battling. It’s important to have personas resonate with game users but its critical to design something that has decades-worth of longevity. With that in mind, FANDOM SPORTS and Piñata understand a character’s general nature and back story, should be built upon their authenticity and incorporate key visual elements to truly capture the essence of each character

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The FANDOM SPORTS app allows users to unleash their primal sports passion by allowing fans to play, predict and get rewarded on real time sport and esports events. The company’s 1-2-1 strategy is built-on a Blockchain Platform two global apps with one FANCOIN economy for super fans fight one another within an entertaining mobile application and to get rewarded for the action.

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