Alpha North Esports & Entertainment Announces Acquisition of Vancouver Community Retro Gaming Club (VCRGC)

- February 27th, 2020

Alpha and VCRGC will host multiple esports events throughout the Metro Vancouver Area

Alpha North Esports & Entertainment (“Alpha”) announces the acquisition of the Vancouver Community Retro Gaming Club, (“VCRGC”) a company bringing the Vancouver area together through retro video games.

VCRGC has capitalized on the many local businesses attempting to take advantage of the growing popularity of gaming. VCRGC has hosted numerous gaming and esports events at popular venues in downtown Vancouver such as Charles BarColonythe Den, and more. This includes an upcoming Mario Kart 64 tournament, sponsored by Hey Y’all, at Colony on March 14 from 1 pm – 6pm, with over 80 participating gamers.

“We are extremely pleased to work with VCRGC, as their team has shown the ability to not only manage and run impressive esports tournaments, but also host them at popular venues in the Vancouver area,” said CEO Emil Bodenstein. “Together, we will expand our event capabilities and work with local businesses to bring esports throughout the lower mainland.”

“Being a part of the Alpha North Esports & Entertainment family will allow VCRGC to further grow in ways that once seemed impossible and to take Retro Gaming to even greater heights in modern times,” said founder of VCRGC, Ryan Ventura.

On Behalf of The Board of Directors
Emil Bodenstein
CEO and Director

About Alpha North Esports & Entertainment

Alpha North is a content creator with an online ecosystem focused on amateur gaming and providing professional tools to the everyday gamer.

Alpha North is partnering with several large organizations and colleges throughout North America to provide their users with access to our online ecosystem.

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