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Global Elections Management plans to explore secured blockchain voting through a new partnership with Blockchain Technologies.

At times, it seems there are infinite applications for blockchain technology. From bitcoin to NASDAQ, the technology is proving to be a valuable tool for transparent record keeping.
The reason blockchain technology is becoming so widespread is that it provides companies with inviolable records, allowing them to store data with absolute integrity. It should thus come as no surprise that the technology can be applied to the voting process — specifically, it can be used to make elections data more secure.

A new partnership

Last Friday, Global Election Services, a subsidiary of Global Arena Holding (OTCMKTS:GAHC), announced plans to explore the possibility of expanding into secured blockchain voting applications through a partnership with Blockchain Technologies.
Global Election Services is a New York-based provider of elections software and services to the private sector. These services include registration and database management, polling site and remote electronic voting, security solutions, precise tabulation and reporting on demographics. Meanwhile, Blockchain Technologies is a blockchain and cryptocurrency software technology company.

The future of elections data

Maralin Falik, president of Global Election Services and chairwoman of its Mediation and Arbitration division, said in a press release“our intended expansion using secured blockchain votingplatforms, however inviting it may be, must maintain the surety of a safe and secure voting process … We’re confident, that if there is any such technology that can support the expansion of GES and advance ballot elections into a high-tech world, ‘the blockchain’ is it.”
She concluded, “the possibilities here are truly amazing! We are firmly committed to delivering secured blockchain voting applications, to the election services industry.”
Global Arena Holding CEO John Matthews also believes blockchain technology will be important for voting in the future. In the same press release, he said, “I too support an evolved voting process. Faster. More secure. Accurate. Non-tamperable and foolproof. Most important, ‘electronic,’ making it convenient and globally accessible. I’m quite positive, there are a many advocates that would agree, if there is any technology that could advance ballot elections into a high-tech world, ‘the blockchain’ is it.”

Blockchain’s game-changing capabilities

Global Arena Holding’s management believes that Global Elections Management’s opportunities will expand exponentially through its new alignment with Blockchain Technologies. Global Elections Management is already a major contributor to Global Arena Holding’s bottom line, and the partnership could ultimately make Global Elections Management a leading elections management company. 
Overall, the deal illustrates the importance that blockchain technology is gaining in all sectors. No longer just associated with bitcoin, or even finance more generally, blockchain technology is having a visible and important impact on almost every industry that relies on maintaining transparent and reliable data.
Securities Disclosure: I, Morag McGreevey, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.


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