BIO-key International Shares Update on Use of Biometric Authentication Solutions

- January 31st, 2018

BIO-key International provided an update on the manufacturer’s trend of deploying BIO-key solutions.

BIO-key International (NASDAQ:BKYI) provided an update on the manufacturer’s trend of deploying BIO-key solutions.
As quoted in the press release:

A Midwest molding and tool manufacturer is implementing BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows software to add a biometric authentication layer to Microsoft Active Directory, the company’s network access protocol. The Company is also deploying EcoID, BIO-key’s compact fingerprint scanner for Microsoft Windows Enterprise customers, to provide biometric authentication on individual and shared workstations.
BIO-key is seeing growing appreciation of the value of biometric authentication for manufacturing companies trying to address the security vulnerability of passwords as well as the administrative headaches and bottlenecks they can cause in factory workflow. Short-cuts, sharing, forgetting and casual storage of protected passwords, creates the  potential for security breaches and workflow interruptions. While increased enforcement of complex passwords and regular password resets have improved security, this approach has frequently proven disruptive to operations and productivity.

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