Digi International Introduces Connect Sensor+ for Intelligent Communication in Remote Locations

Digi International® (NASDAQ: DGII) announced the Digi Connect Sensor+, an enterprise-ready, battery powered cellular gateway solution that connects to a wide range of external sensors.

As quoted in the press release:

Digi Connect Sensor+ utilizes cellular networks and is ideal for energy, water, industrial and government installations that need to expand monitoring capabilities to meet oversight requirements, or to increase operational efficiencies. This eliminates the need for additional infrastructure, power supplies and third party applications.

“The Digi Connect Sensor is flexible, reliable and easy to configure,” said Kim Pearson, CEO of New Boundary Technologies, Inc. “The addition of Modbus and Wired HART support in the Connect Sensor+ now makes it easy and cost effective to securely connect programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and industrial sensors to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This will greatly expand our Industrial IoT application portfolio.”

With a flexible interface and no programming or scripting required, Digi Connect Sensor+ can connect with and transform the capabilities of current sensor networks by enabling bidirectional communication with existing sensors. With bidirectional communication and multi-variable inputs, Digi Connect Sensor+ helps organizations gather complex information for remote diagnostic capabilities over a cellular network. Users will know when a sensor has an issue in the field, what the fault is, whether the sensor needs to be replaced or repaired, and whether a site visit is needed and the parts required.

The affordable Digi Connect Sensor+ expands the market viability and capabilities of remote monitoring. The self-powered Digi Connect Sensor+, with internal data storage and Digi Connect Wizard, can eliminate the need for data loggers, solar panels, RTUs and LED displays used for existing remote monitoring solutions resulting in extreme cost savings.

Click here for the full press release. 

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