PwrCor Commercializes Renewable Energy Solution

- October 2nd, 2019

PwrCor has cultivated thermodynamic power efficiencies on a commercial scale, realizing up to 35 percent in engine efficiencies.

PwrCor (OTCQB:PWCO), a company that transfers low-grade heat to create electric power announced that its renewable energy solutions are operable at commercial scale. Its proprietary thermodynamic solution, which renews often discarded low-grade heat, enhances engine efficiency by 33 to 35 percent.

As quoted in the press release:

The technology breakthrough exceeds cycle efficiencies of competing conventional power cycles and now enables PwrCor to exploit applications and markets, such as Data Centers, which previously could not effectively utilize their low temperature wasted heat, but now can economically convert that heat into useful power.

Data centers house servers and similar equipment that use enormous amounts of electricity. In the process of powering the performance of the equipment, that electricity is subsequently transformed into large amounts of low-grade heat. In fact, more than 98 percent of electricity used to power the electronic equipment in data centers is shed as wasted low-grade heat energy.  Furthermore, additional electricity is required to cool the data center electronics to keep the equipment operating safely and at optimal performance. PwrCor’s technology can now convert the vast amounts of data center heat to electricity positively effecting the bottom line of data center operations by reducing the amount of purchased electricity while reducing cooling requirements and its required power.

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