Ceo Live: See How This 3D Printing Company Will Change The World Of Electronics

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Nano Dimension (TASE:NNDM,NASDAQ:NNDM) is revolutionizing the way electronics are made with 3D printing.

Nano Dimension (TASE:NNDM,NASDAQ:NNDM) is revolutionizing the way electronics are made with 3D printing.
They’ve built a 3D printer, the Dragonfly 2020, for multi-layer PCBs and they’re developing advanced nanotechnology-based conductive and dielectric inks.
They have a veteran management team and a world-class science team and they’re rolling out one of the most anticipated technologies in the industry that will help engineers and electronics companies radically improve the way they produce PCB prototypes.
The Dragonfly 2020 beats out competing technologies in 4 ways:
1. The PCBs Work – The proprietary dielectric ink is conductive so prototypes coming out of their printer are fully functioning.
2. They print multiple layers – Smaller, more complex devices is driving the demand for PCBs with higher layer counts.
3. They’re faster – With Nano Dimension’s Dragonfly printer the time to get a PCB prototype back for testing is reduced from weeks to hours.
4. They’re more secure – Complex PCB designs are incredibly valuable. When outsourcing production, there’s always a risk of intellectual property theft. Producing prototypes in-house keeps them safe from prying eyes.
More demand for PCB’s means companies need to get prototypes turned around quickly and securely to beat the competition to market and therefore a growing need for innovative solutions like the Dragonfly 2020 3D printer.
With an overall PCB market projected to be worth $74 Billion by 2021, no direct competition and sales expected to begin by the end of 2016 – Nano’s patented 3D printing technology is well positioned to grab market share and build value for shareholders.

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