Quantum Materials Leveraging Blockchain Platform for Counterfeit Solutions

- September 25th, 2019

Quantum Materials is combining nanotechnology and blockchain for counterfeit purposes, a first of its kind according to the company.

Quantum Materials (OTCQB:QTMM), a nanomaterial company announced that it is launching its QDX Ledger Blockchain platform for counterfeit purposes. Through its QDX Ledger blockchain platform, Quantum Materials is combining nanotechnology and blockchain, a first in the industry, the company stated. It splatform is also applicable in supply chain management, point of sale and retail operations.

As quoted in the press release:

QMC’s proprietary QDXTM Quantum dots are lab-designed atomic crystals between 10 and 100 atoms in size and which are finely tunable to emit specific (un-copiable) color signatures. These signatures can be scanned via inexpensive hand-held devices, digitized and stored on QMC’s QDXTM Ledger blockchain.

QDXTM Quantum Dots can be incorporated into almost any physical product so that its authenticity can be verified, and its provenance tracked from point of manufacture through to sale to an end customer. Unlike existing approaches to establishing product identity, including QR code stickers and RFID tags, QDXTM Quantum Dots are tamper proof, resistant to environmental extremes and low cost. They may be incorporated into products as diverse as auto parts, consumer electronics, apparel and luxury fashion accessories, industrial IoT devices, bank notes and even liquids, such as gasoline and lubricants.

QDXTM Ledger, which is based on technology acquired last month from Capstan Platform, Inc., provides an immutable, scalable and shared data store for consistent tracking and visibility among all participants in a product supply chain. The identity and access credentials of participants, be they individuals, corporations or machines is also secured on the platform, providing mechanisms to control and restrict the supply of products as might be required by regulatory mandates and socially conscious business practices.

Click here to read the full press release.


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