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The name of’s My31 app is a nod to the 30 human rights, suggesting that complete control over one’s own data is the 31st human right.

IBM’s (NYSE:IBM) blockchain division keeps finding ways to expand its reach, which now includes ensuring people have complete control over their personal data. announced on Thursday (September 6) with IBM the launch of a mobile app, called #My31, that is based off IBM’s Blockchain Platform.

According to the press release, the name of’s app is an homage to the 30 human rights, implying that complete ownership of one’s own data is the “31st human right.” When users claim their data, they receive an ownership title similar to those of property rights.

Personal details, including signatures and pictures, will be added by way of a hash on the blockchain. From there, My31 will allow its users to decide how their own data can be accessed — including the circumstances — with all eyes on the health care sector.

Case in point — users can decide whether or not they want to share information with outside parties, or allow their data to be used for cancer research. People will also have the option to lease their information to pharmaceutical companies or data collectors after being compensated fairly.

While personal and medical information will not be stored by, the data will stay wherever it is presently stored.

“With new digital business models driving data sharing to unprecedented levels, we believe that blockchain can serve as a key ingredient to enhance trust and responsibility with regard to data,” Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president of IBM Global Industries, said in the press release.

Beyond #My31, the press release indicates that plans to collaborate with IBM in a pilot using the Sovrin Network to help members of its ecosystem take part in the sovereign identity network. The entities claim to share a goal of creating a standard where people can have complete control of their personal information.

Despite the #My31 app being launched for Android devices on Thursday, no time frame was given for its release date on the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store, although it is “expected to be available soon” for iPhone users.

Meanwhile, the complete enterprise solution has a projected release date for Q1 2019 with a primary focus on the healthcare industry. The ledger is built on IBM’s Blockchain Platform and powered by the Hyperledger Fabric while being secured on the IBM Cloud. is currently the only company focused on developing human rights and sovereign laws on a decentralized platform using blockchain.

Thursday’s collaboration comes on the heels of IBM launching its Blockchain World Wire solution this week. According to the post, the platform will “clear and settle cross-border payments in near real-time.”

Shares of IBM dipped slightly during Thursday’s trading session by 0.18 percent to close at US$146.39.

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