FANDOM SPORTS Media (CSE:FDM, OTCQB:FDMSF, Frankfurt:TQ42) (“FANDOM SPORTS” or the “Company”), has completed a major milestone with the IBM Blockchain based Sports Entertainment Platform (the “Platform”) implementation which has validated the Platform’s global reach and ability to host multiple apps simultaneously.

FANDOM SPORTS Media (CSE:FDM, OTCQB:FDMSF, Frankfurt:TQ42) (“FANDOM SPORTS” or the “Company”), has completed a major milestone with the IBM Blockchain based Sports Entertainment Platform (the “Platform”) implementation which has validated the Platform’s global reach and ability to host multiple apps simultaneously. The FANDOM SPORTS ecosystem will be covering two separate applications: Live Sports and eSports.

FANDOM SPORTS has established a 100% owned subsidiary, FANDOM SPORTS Oy, to run global eSports operations out of Helsinki, Finland. The legal entity was filed on July 27, 2018 and is scaling up the operations. The Platform development has reached a stage where creation of an eSports application to engage the super fans with fan-centric content can be kicked-off. The sports entertainment platform is built with scalable micro services that enables FANDOM SPORTS’ business model to reach both direct to consumer (B2C), under Pick A Fight. Talk Trash. Get Rewarded, as well as business to business (B2B), powered by FANDOM SPORTS.

The fan-centric content play under the FANDOM SPORTS brand is hosted on the Platform as a one-business ecosystem with a virtual currency, the FANCOIN. One single player account tied to a single mobile phone number can move dynamically between the applications and the player’s wallet is governed by the IBM Blockchain for trust and transparency.

The Company’s sports app coding schedule will reach an internal alpha testing phase during the month of October with the intention to launch the app in North American markets covering major sports leagues, the NFL, the NBA, the MLB and the NHL, targeting the North American sports super fans between 18 – 34 years old. The Platform utilizes metadata from live games, a potential core feature for the eSports app for eSporting event data.

FANDOM SPORTS Oy has acquired a strong eSports advisory board ( to assist the team in building a fan-centric content business model to service and retain eSports super fans. eSports is a fast-growing global business opportunity with regional and international gamer and eSports communities. The Company’s business operations based in Helsinki, Finland, present an opportunity to build a dedicated eSports studio and team of self-managed personnel to tackle the global business opportunity.

The eSports product creation process will kick-off at the ESL One Gaming Event in New York, as the World class eSport Counter-Strike event returns to the Big Apple. At the 30th of September finals, Brooklyn will rumble with the roars of thousands of eSports fans building the perfect momentum to generate a category defining eSports app by the FANDOM SPORTS UX and UI design team.

At the end of 2017 there was more eSports video content consumption than Netflix, Hulu, HBO and ESPN combined, reaching 665 million viewers globally. The social media interaction by the top streamers currently reaches over 150 million fans, more than top soccer players’ global reach. First-tier eSports titles rake in over 20 million monthly viewing hours and the 2017 World Championship Games (League of Legends) gathered over 70 million game-following enthusiasts. The eSports market is mostly (59%) sponsorship and advertising powered, yet the digital content consumption is in an exponential growth phase. The gaming market evolution continues introducing more PvP games like FORTNITE, that grasp not only media attention but a variety of players in the affluent segment of 18 – 34 years old, which many growth businesses want to associate themselves with.


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The FANDOM SPORTS App is the Company’s core product, which is the ultimate destination for unfiltered raw sports talk. The app allows passionate sports fans to unleash their primal sports passions, pick fights and earn rewards.

Download the app and bring your crew. Talking trash is better with friends. The more you invite, the more in-app virtual currency FANCOINS you can earn.

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