4 Top 3D Printing News from Q1 2016

- April 11th, 2016

Here is the latest 3D printing news from Q1 2016.

The first quarter of 2016 was busy for the 3D printing industry. After several years of challenging circumstances, the sector seems back on track. Companies, industry insiders and investors are all eager to see where the market’s headed in the rest of 2016.
Meanwhile, here’s a look back at the latest 3D printing news from Q1 2016:

  • 3D Printer Industry Shifts Away from Consumer 3D Printing
  • Metals Gaining Ground as a 3D Printing Material
  • Educational 3D Printing: The Future of 3D Printing Stocks
  • How to Invest in 3D Printers Through the Back Door

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3D Printer Industry Shifts Away from Consumer 3D Printing

Several years ago, it looked like consumer 3D printing was the way of the future. However, lack of investment and customer demand have forced companies away from the space and into new sectors. In particular, up-and-coming subsets like 3D medical device printing are coming to the fore.
In terms of what derailed consumer 3D printing, a 2016 tech trends report from Sophic Capital indicates that the industry is currently in the “trough of disillusionment” stage of the 3D printing hype curve. Put simply, potential customers are turning away from consumer 3D printing products after being disappointed by price, quality and usability. Here’s a look at the shift away from 3D printing and what hot up and coming sectors are set to replace it.

Metals Gaining Ground as a 3D Printing Material

We’re only a quarter into 2016, but it already looks like metals may be the year’s hottest 3D printing material. While metals aren’t a typical 3D printing material, companies using non-plastic 3D printing materials are seeing stronger quarterly results than those focused on just plastic materials. With that in mind, investors seeking opportunities in 3D printing should consider looking at companies that are moving beyond the traditional bounds of plastic. Click here to learn everything you need to know about 3D printing metals.

Educational 3D Printing: The Future of 3D Printing Stocks

“Edtech” is not an everyday term, but by many accounts it’s going to be the buzzword of the future. Edtech is a combination of education and technology, and it refers to the multitude of ways that tech is impacting and innovating education. Although the term suggests a niche focus, nearly all the major tech companies have a presence in this market. Here’s a brief look at how 3D printing companies are getting ready for a revolution in education. Click here to get the full picture about edtech and 3D printing. 

How to Invest in 3D Printers Through the Backdoor

The 3D printing market showed signs of stress in previous years. Major player 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) recently announced the discontinuation of Cube, its entry level 3D printer, while Stratasys’ (NASDAQ:SSYS) MakerBot saw a wave of layoffs last year. Given those issues, some investors are wary of investing directly in the 3D printing market. This article outlines how to invest in 3D printing through the backdoor — in other words, by buying into more diversified companies, or companies that manufacture 3D printer components. Click here to read the full article.

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