Flashflorge Releases the Creator Pro, Guider II and Explorer DLP 3D Printers

- January 13th, 2016

Chinese company Flashflorge has released three new 3D printers: the Creator Pro, Guider II, and Explorer DLP.

Chinese company Flashflorge has released three new 3D printers: the Creator Pro, Guider II, and Explorer DLP.
According to an article on 3D Printer Industry:

The Creator Pro improves upon its predecessor with a full-metal frame and streamlined design, which the company suggests will make for a high performance to price ratio. The Guider II is the latest version of their industrial Guider 3D printer, which now includes blue LED lamps and a top cover.  The height of the Guider II has been increased to 300 mm for larger prints, while the threaded rod has been switched out for a ball screw and the sheet metal print bed has been replaced with aluminum.  With improved printing success rates, Flashforge says that the new Guider II also has increased its precision.
Finally, the Flashforge Explorer DLP 3D printer has been improved, as well.  This new system uses an optical engine for ensuring better light uniformity, which can achieve resolutions as high as 1920P x 1080P. With an improved resin box, for rapid removal and resin changes, the new system has been made larger and an alarm has been added to alert users when resin has been depleted.

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