Resource Big News Roundup: Blackstone Intersects Massive Sulfide Nickel at King Cobra Discovery, Lake Resources Partner Lilac Solutions Takes Delivery of 20,000 Litres of Kachi Brine for Pilot Plant Testing, Nexus Gold to Expand Newfoundland Holdings Through Acquisition of Dorset Gold Project

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Resource Investing

In case you missed it, here is this week’s resource big news roundup.

The TSX jumped ahead 3.9 percent to open the final trading session of the week on Friday following the largest single-day percentage drop since 1940. The economic fallout of the coronavirus continued to dominate headlines this week, as governments took proactive measures to prevent further spread of the disease. The closures, including the postponement of major sporting events and gatherings around the world, drove the S&P500 index to drop seven percent on Thursday, triggering a Level 1 Market Wide Circuit Breaker trading halt for 15 minutes.

US President Donald Trump’s address to the nation did little to settle market conditions, causing a sell-off in Europe following the announcement that a travel ban would be enforced to prevent further outbreak of the disease. “Trump’s travel ban from Europe is likely the last straw. A recession, which was previously unlikely is now a high probability,” Darren Sissons, vice-president and partner at Campbell, Lee & Ross, told Yahoo Finance Canada.

In case you missed it, here is this week’s resource big news roundup:




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