Ireland Provides Progress Update on Precious Metals Extraction Program

Ireland (OTCBB: IRLD) provided an update on the technical program of its ongoing precious metals extraction process at the Columbus Project, located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. Since its last update in May, 2017, the company has taken multiple steps on its technical program towards its goal of precious metals extraction.

Technical Program and Extraction Update

  • Continued pilot plant test runs to produce concentrates containing precious metals.
  • Ongoing laboratory extraction optimization work has successfully eliminated all but the last coating layer entombing the gold and palladium particles.
  • Currently in final optimization tests for Gold and Palladium extraction which are expected to continue for approximately six weeks.
  • Installed larger 50 Kw furnace in pilot plant; repaired onsite equipment and power line damage due to extreme weather conditions.

Pilot Plant Processing and Creating Concentrates

A new 50 Kw furnace was installed in mid-June replacing the 25 Kw furnace, which failed to operate to specifications after four weeks of trials. This increases the capacity of the pilot plant circuit. The 25 Kw unit was returned to the manufacturer for assessment in late May.

The pilot plant has been adjusted to produce electro-won concentrates containing entombed particles of gold, palladium and silver from 500-pound test runs.

Click here to read the full text release. 

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