VIDEO - Stuart Englert: Why Precious Metals Price Rigging Happens, How it Could End

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“I believe everyone should know how our currency is devalued and manipulated, and I think our financial futures depend on it,” said author Stuart Englert.

Price manipulation in the precious metals space is an ongoing topic of conversation, but it remains complicated and difficult for the average investor to understand. 

In his book “Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History,” Stuart Englert breaks down the history of precious metals price manipulation, including how it began and the ways it happens.

Speaking to the Investing News Network, he explained that his goal was to make the concepts and terminology understandable and accessible so that more people can grasp the implications.

“I believe everyone should know how our currency is devalued and manipulated, and I think our financial futures depend on it,” he said. Indeed, despite having a long history, precious metals price manipulation remains a key issue, especially given today’s unprecedented money printing and debt creation.

“Manipulation continues today,” Englert said. “We saw it last Friday (January 8) with the short selling on the COMEX and the periodic price smashes … we’ve seen these smashes time and time again in the last decade, and that to me is in-your-face proof of price suppression and manipulation.”

Commenting on when price manipulation may end, Englert said it’s impossible to give an exact date, but it’s a little easier to speculate on how it could happen.

Outlining one possibility, Englert said a major change took place last year. “Before last March, most gold and silver contracts on the COMEX were settled in cash rather than physical metal. Beginning last spring, traders began demanding more physical deliveries than ever before,” he said.

If that trend continues, it’s possible the COMEX could have problems making physical deliveries. “If the COMEX ever fails to meet these physical delivery demands, precious metals prices will do a moonshot. That’s one way the price manipulation could end,” Englert explained.

Watch the video above for more from Englert on precious metals price manipulation, from its history to potential endpoint. “Rigged” can be found on Amazon, and those located in the US can also purchase signed copies by emailing Englert at

Key quote from Englert

“There are some skeptics out there that maintain that there’s no precious metals manipulation — it’s a myth or a conspiracy theory. But that number is rapidly decreasing, at least among people in the know in the metals sector. What’s worse than the skepticism is the fact that the subject is taboo or verboten among most politicians and the mainstream media — they avoid it like the plague.

“… I’ve had a few people dispute my findings, but what I discovered is they hadn’t read the book. One argued no one had ever made a dime claiming precious metals prices are suppressed. I found that a very odd argument against price manipulation. Another said if prices were manipulated, they’d be manipulated higher rather than lower. I was dumbfounded or miffed by that suggestion, but not completely surprised by the lack of knowledge about the monetary system” — Stuart Englert, author of “Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History”

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