Knick Exploration Comments on Automated Traders

- December 12th, 2017

Knick Exploration Inc. (TSXV:KNX) commented on trading volume and “automated traders”.

Knick Exploration Inc. (TSXV:KNX) commented on trading volume and “automated traders”.

At Knick we are firm believers in the importance of keeping the shareholders informed. A good flow of news makes sense in the advancement of the company and its properties and is paramount to our investors. All Knick’s activities have been reported on a current time line and produced over a yearly basis. With today’s trading platform this process appears to have become significantly less secure for knowledgeable investors based on related trading:
In 2016 we saw an increase on the trading volume of 492% compared to 2015. For 2017 to the present we have observed an increase of 212% more trading than 2016?.
Although more trading could signal a lot of activity based on the company’s properties exploration results, the press releases appear to have become an opportunity for a quick buck for many day traders and “automated traders”.
The harm that is caused by that trading on a 5 cent stock can be substantial, especially considering the overall relative percentages. The troubling issue is that there is a significant potential that a large part of this trading is done by outsiders, “non- shareholders”, so why should investors help raise capital if there is no need to hold or own shares to play the market platform. High risk for high return becomes high risk for low or no return.
Today’s junior exploration companies are swimming in shark infested waters with very little protection against this “legal Trading”. It sure looks like we all need a bigger boat with fewer holes to survive this era.

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