VIDEO - Doug Casey: Why You Need to Look at Gold, Cannabis and Bitcoin

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Casey makes the case for acting less like an investor and more like a speculator — someone who capitalizes on bubbles and distortions in the market.

Well-known investor and self-described “notorious bear” Doug Casey believes western civilization is on the decline, and he’s not optimistic that its downward trajectory can be stopped.
“The chances of stopping western civilization from declining further are about as good as the Roman Empire stopping going downhill in the mid-fourth century,” he said at last week’s New Orleans Investment Conference. “Trends in motion tend to stay in motion.”
That might sound bleak, but Casey has a suggestion for those who want to weather the storm — consider speculating rather than investing, and look at gold, cannabis and bitcoin. Here’s why:
  • Gold — As inflation gets “out of control in the years to come,” leaving money in currencies won’t be a good idea. And with a bubble in stocks and a hyper bubble in bonds, gold is an appealing choice. “At this point [it’s] a very reasonably priced asset at about $1,250,” Casey explained.
  • Cannabis — “There was a bubble not so long ago in [the] cannabis stocks,” said Casey. “And now it’s deflated you can sort out the good companies. The reason I like them is because I think over the next decade the cannabis industry’s going to grow 10 to 1. I think it’s almost inevitable … [if] you pick the right companies now, I think you’re going to do very well.”
  • Bitcoin — “It’s late in the day for bitcoin,” Casey admitted. “It’s a bubble, but I think the bubble is going to get bigger. It’s not a prediction, but I do anticipate that’s going to happen — maybe much bigger.”

Watch the interview above for more insight from Casey on gold, cannabis and bitcoin. He also discusses “Drug Lord,” his most recent book and the latest instalment of his “High Ground” series. The transcript for this interview will be added shortly.
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