Nano Particle Tech Uses for Molybdenum

- February 18th, 2010 reported on Nano Particle Tech Uses for Molybdenum: reported on Nano Particle Tech Uses for Molybdenum:

Finally, the financial markets have caught on as to how hot molybdenum stocks could get. While we began researching molybdenum about a year ago, and only first publishing in July 2006, molybdenum commentator Ken Reser has practically been the lone voice in the moly wilderness for investors. (We understand there have been several tout sheets hyping molybdenum stocks for nearly as long, but we can’t include those in serious discussions about this metal.) Now that molybdenum traders have grown more bullish about the metal, we expect molybdenum pricing to continue higher. Ferro moly prices have continued firming up. Some quantity is now selling at US$76 per kg in Europe. One report indicates a recent moly oxide sale at $31/pound.

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