Geoff Candy Interview With Thomas Drolet About Uranium

Mineweb reported an interview with Geoff Candy and Thomas Drolet about the uranium sector, nuclear energy and shale gas as the three industries began to collide.

Thomas Drolet said:

Well, the sector is down right now, there’s no getting around it. I wouldn’t call it flat on the ground but it’s on its knees at the moment and Fukushima Daiichi was the initiating event for that. It was a terrible accident, caused initially of course by nature, but then made somewhat worse by the fragility of a particular design of reactor which was right in the path of the tsunami wave that came as a result of the 9.0 earthquake. What I see, generally speaking, is the world is not only stepping back a little bit and repositioning its beliefs and its needs for change in nuclear energy, but that the cast of characters that will come out of this and start to pursue it again with a vengeance, will be different than those that went into the accident. Most obviously I talk about Japan, Germany, Switzerland as being people that have made rather quick decisions to turn down the nuclear spigot, and others who did pause for a while, like China, India, the Middle East – they are starting to turn that spigot back up.

Click here to read the full Mineweb report.

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