EMC Metals Announces 100% Interest in Properties

 EMC Metals Corp. (TSX:EMC) announced that it now holds 100% interest in the Tørdal Scandium property and the Høgtuva Beryllium property. This is a result of a renegotiated agreement with REE mining of Norway.

As quoted in the press release:


  • EMC achieves early earn-in on Tørdal property, now 100% owned
  • EMC achieves early earn-in on Høgtuva property, now 100% owned
  • Early 100% earn-ins trade cash payments for 1% NSR’s on future production
  • Norway scandium exploration work will focus on Tørdal property only
  • Company plans to relinquish earn-in rights to the Evje-Iveland property

EMC Metals Corp. CEO, George Putnam said:

We are pleased to complete the early 100% earn-ins on both Tørdal and Høgtuva, enabling us to focus our budgets and efforts on resource development regarding both of these properties, with the support and cooperation of REE Mining.

Click here to read the EMC Metals Corp. (TSX:EMC) press release
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