Texas Rare Earth Resources Announces Recoveries of Up to 79.9% in Heap Leach Scoping Study

Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. (OTCQX:TRER) announced results from the heap leach scoping study, showing  recoveries up to 79.9%.

As quoted in the press release:

Texas Rare Earth Resources management believes that these results provide us with confidence sufficient to justify our allocating top priority to the further development of the heap leaching option for the Round Top deposit. Open circuit column leach tests are under way and we expect preliminary results from this phase of work shortly.

Texas Rare Earth’s CEO, Dan Gorski, said:

The favorable extraction rates and recoveries from direct leaching of crushed rock, coupled with the typically low capital and operating costs associated with heap leach operations and our location in the supportive, resource friendly jurisdiction of West Texas, bode well for Round Top to become an important long term source of the heavy rare earth elements. We cannot stress enough our belief in the importance of having a long term, secure domestic source of these strategically vital elements. It is the mission of Texas Rare Earth Resources to dedicate every effort to the economical extraction of these elements for the benefit of our shareholders, our State and our Nation.

To view the whole press release, click here.


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