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SeeThruEquity, a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on small-cap and micro-cap public companies, today announced it has issued an update on Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB:QBIO).

Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO) is a biomedical acceleration and development company focused on identifying, acquiring and licensing attractive biomedical assets from small private companies and academia lacking the resources to bring programs to market on their own. QBIO seeks to add value to its investments by providing strategic capital, industry resources, and experience in order to accelerate the development and commercialization of life science assets. QBIO is led by an experienced management team with a meaningful stake in the company, which sees several potential catalysts over the next year, including the continued advancement of its initial clinical candidate, MAN-01 for glaucoma, imminent commercialization of Strontium Chloride (“SR89”), an FDA-approved generic drug indicated for palliative care for patients suffering from metastatic cancer that has spread to the bone, and the recently acquired license for QBM-001 a drug candidate for a rare pediatric disorder resulting in infants becoming nonverbal or minimally verbal later in life, while also presenting on the autistic spectrum. QBIO also just announced that it has licensed plant based small molecule, Uttroside B, a new chemotherapeutic drug program for treatment of liver cancer from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

SR89 tracking ahead of schedule, revenue ready

QBIO announced that it initiated production of Strontium Chloride (“SR89”), which is slated to be its first commercial product. Management indicated that SR89 is tracking ahead of schedule, a launch planned in this calendar year. SR89 is an FDA-approved radiopharmaceutical agent indicated palliative care for patients suffering from metastatic bone cancer, an extremely painful condition that is thought to occur in approximately 70% of patients with advanced breast and prostate cancer. This represents a large initial opportunity, given that each year there are approximately 100,000 new cases of bone metastases in patients with breast and lung cancer in the U.S. alone. QBIO had initially estimated that it could achieve more than $1mn in sales in its first year of commercialization with an intermediate goal (3-5 years) of generating more than $10mn per year in sales. We note that SR89 appears particularly attractive as an approved pain treatment that can be used as an alternative or in combination with opiates and cancer therapeutic drugs and is an indication that could be expanded into a larger therapeutic market quite easily, a move that could generate substantially greater revenues.

New license of QBM-001 expands pipeline

QBIO also followed through on its commitment to expand its asset portfolio with an in-licensing deal for QBM-001 from private biotech firm ASDERA. Formerly named ASD-002, QBM-001 is being developed as a treatment to prevent a non-verbal disorder related to autism in toddlers, and, if approved, would be the first drug on the market for this indication, according to the company. For each child that becomes nonverbal or minimally verbal, there is a $10mn socio-economic cost spanning the rest of the child’s life. Not factored into that figure is the pain and burden it places on parents and families. Each year there are 15,000-18,000 more children that will be born in the US, who will become non- or minimally verbal. QBIO estimates that this could represent a billion-dollar opportunity and indicated that they will pursue a 505(b)2 regulatory pathway with a single Phase 2/3 pivotal trial, which, if successful, management estimates would have the drug ready for market in less than 2 years.

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About Q BioMed Inc.

Q BioMed Inc. “Q” is a biomedical acceleration and development company. We are focused on licensing and acquiring biomedical assets across the healthcare spectrum. Q is dedicated to providing these target assets the strategic resources, developmental support, and expansion capital the need to ensure they meet their developmental potential, enabling them to provide products to patients in need.

About SeeThruEquity

Since its founding in 2011, SeeThruEquity has been committed to its core mission: providing impactful, high-quality research on underfollowed small cap and micro cap equities. SeeThruEquity has pioneered an innovative business model for equity research that is not paid for and is unbiased. SeeThruEquity is the host of acclaimed investor conferences that are the ultimate event for publicly traded companies with market capitalizations less than $1 billion.

SeeThruEquity is approved to contribute its research reports and estimates to Thomson One Analytics (First Call), the leading estimates platform on Wall Street, as well as Capital IQ and FactSet. SeeThruEquity maintains one of the industry’s most extensive databases of opt-in institutional and high net worth investors. The firm is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

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