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Bridging the Gap between Private and Public BioMed Acceleration

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Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB:QBIO) is a biomedical company focused on licensing and acquiring strategic assets across a broad spectrum of biotech and healthcare related sectors for acceleration and development. The company provides these target assets with the capital resources, developmental support and clinical expertise needed to bring them to market or to a significant value inflection point.

Q BioMed helps link small and orphan biotech development companies with the capital market. One such company is Mannin Research Inc. which is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of first-in-class therapeutics for vascular diseases. The first product under development in this technology platform is a nanofiber eye drop for treating the root cause of glaucoma, a disease affecting more than 60 million people worldwide.

In addition, in June 2016, Q BioMed announced it had entered into a definitive exclusive licensing agreement with a private U.S. company for an FDA-approved cancer palliative treatment. The drug is expected to generate revenue within the first year post-closing. The addition of a revenue asset to the company’s portfolio places Q BioMed in a class above the majority of its small-cap biotech peers and mitigates investment risk for Q BioMed shareholders.

“We have structured a landmark deal for the worldwide exclusive license and right to acquire the drug outright once it starts making sales,” commented Denis Corin, CEO of Q BioMed. “We’re very excited to have a revenue ready asset in the portfolio and we think there is a significant opportunity to grow not only the revenue but also expand the label on this drug into the therapeutic market.”

More information will be forthcoming following the closing of the transaction which is expected to be in mid July.

Company Highlights

  • Accelerated development from the provision of capital, management and advisory expertise
  • Medical and Biotech market experiencing an unprecedented bull market with Biotech Index up 300 percent since the Financial Crisis
  • Inelastic demand for better drugs and more competitive access to those drugs
  • Diversified risk and shared success in multiple pipelines and sectors
  • Current Drug (Man 01) has massive market appeal and demand
  • Pending near-term revenue ready FDA drug in pipeline represents a milestone for the company
  • Additional target assets for acquisition in 2016 may include implantable post cataract lens, CAR T-Cell immunotherapy, a rare tropical disease drug and among others
  • Low float, tightly held with high percent management
  • Looking to uplist to NASDAQ in Q1 2017
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