The New Age of Psychedelics

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As the psychedelics industry grows, diverse new opportunities are arising for investors who want to get exposure to this exciting market.

The culture surrounding psychedelics is changing, and as that happens the diverse industries adjacent to the space are also adapting to the new era of psychedelics business.

As psychedelics companies continue to experience buoyancy, evolutions in how these other industries look at the market could very well lead to fresh foundations for the entire space.

With that in mind, the Investing News Network (INN) has put together a series of articles that look at how the business of psychedelics is evolving alongside its surge in the public markets.

Financial expert is all in for psychedelic stocks

Matt Carr, chief trends strategist at the Oxford Club, talked to INN about his emerging perspective on the investment story behind psychedelics.

While Carr warned that these are early days for the industry, he sees a lot of opportunity. “This is a great opportunity for investors to come in and get educated about the market,” Carr said.

The expert views Compass Pathways (NASDAQ:CMPS) as the leading name right now in terms of public companies available for investors.

Could psychedelics retreat companies go public?

One of the most well-known aspects of psychedelics culture is the idea of joining a retreat experience.

The concept of taking a mud-packed trip through the jungle while high on psychedelic substances in order to experience an unprecedented personal journey is common. But as it turns out, this section of the industry is trying to adapt to mainstream consumers.

As the conversation grows around clinical medicine with a basis in psychedelic substances, retreat operators are trying to spark conversations on what’s possible through these drugs.

“A good percentage of people have some difficulty unpacking that experience, because it shatters and defies everything they ever thought they knew,” Joël Brierre, founder and CEO of Kaivalya Kollectiv, told INN in regards to the use of the potent 5-MeO-DMT compound in his retreats.

Psychedelic research a pillar for industry excitement

At the core of the momentum behind psychedelics is the medical potential contained within the industry.

To understand more about what’s happening right now, INN took a closer look at some of the most pressing studies utilizing psychedelic substances. These studies are redefining the way psychedelics are used and may end up changing the entire medical industry as we know it.

“When delivered safely and professionally, psychedelic therapy holds a great deal of promise for treating some very serious mental health conditions,” said Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, head of the Center for Psychedelics Research at the Imperial College London.

Psychedelics apps play a role in acceptance

The idea of living a life with microdosing as a component is becoming more accepted as psychedelic substances continue to gain traction for their general medical benefits.

Alongside this trend there has been a rise in the ways wellness apps can help the psychedelics lifestyle.

One app in particular has made it possible for users to connect directly with coaches who are able to give individual sessions to discuss findings or journeys made through psychedelic substances.

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The New Age of Psychedelics

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