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Osiris Therapeutics, the leading regenerative medicine company focused on developing and marketing products to treat conditions in wound care, orthopaedics and sports medicine, will present advanced clinical and scientific research at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall Conference.

Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSIR), the leading regenerative medicine company focused on developing and marketing products to treat conditions in wound care, orthopaedics and sports medicine, will present advanced clinical and scientific research at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall Conference.
On Friday, October 7, Dr. Matthew Regulski, DPM, will be speaking on “The Use of Viable Placental Membranes in Complex Wounds” at the Breakfast Symposium from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
On Saturday, October 8, Dr. Dane Wukich, MD, and Dr. Jodi Walters, DPM, will be presenting a CME lecture (supported by Osiris) on “Clinical and Scientific Advances in the Use of Cryopreserved Placental Membranes in Complex Wounds” from 11:20 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.

  • “A prospective, multicentre, open-label, single-arm clinical trial for the treatment of chronic complex diabetic foot wounds with exposed tendon and/or bone: positive clinical outcomes of a viable cryopreserved human placental membrane” (Int Wound J. 2016; doi:10.111/iwj.12649 [E-pub ahead of print]) recently reported that 96.3% of patients achieved complete granulation for a complex wound in a mean of 6.8 weeks, 59.3% of which demonstrated 100% re-epithelialization in a mean of 9.1 weeks. Enrolled patient characteristics included serious health conditions typically excluded from clinical research such as hypertension, end stage renal disease with hemodialysis, previous partial foot amputation and peripheral arterial disease. This is the first post-market study of its kind in the wound care space.

Osiris will be presenting 8 abstracts on cryopreserved placental tissue technology.
Scientific and Clinical Abstracts:

  • “Viable Cryopreserved Placental Allografts for the Treatment of Post-Surgical Amputation Wounds in High-Risk Patients” (Abstract # CS-069)
  • “Use of a Viable Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue for Surgical Tendon Repair” (Abstract # CS-105)
  • “Management of Wounds of Various Etiologies Using a Viable Cryopreserved Placental Membrane” (Abstract # CS-108)
  • “Viable Cryopreserved Human Placental Membrane Induces Granulation Over Exposed Bone, Tendon and Joint Surfaces of the Hand to Support Skin Autograft Survival” (Abstract # CS-117)
  • “Single Layer Viable Placental Allografts Show a Superior Dynamic Response Over Multi-layer Non-viable Allografts to an In Vitro Wound Microenvironment” (Abstract # LB-020)
  • “Up-regulation of Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbial Activity in Human Cryopreserved Viable Placental Membrane in the Presence of Bacterial Antigens” (Abstract # LB-028)
  • “Antimicrobial Peptides in Human Cryopreserved Viable Placental Membrane Inhibit Bacterial Growth” (Abstract # LB-039)
  • “Human Viable Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane (hCVAM) Induces Angiogenesis in a Nestin-driven Green Fluorescent Protein (ND-GFP) Transgenic Mouse Model” (Abstract # LB-047)

Osiris Therapeutics will also be exhibiting at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care meeting at booth 327. The event runs from October 7 through October 9, 2016 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.
About Osiris Therapeutics
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., based in Columbia, Maryland, is a world leader in researching, developing and marketing regenerative medicine products that improve health and lives of patients and lower overall healthcare costs. Having developed the world’s first approved stem cell drug, the company continues to advance its research and development in biotechnology by focusing on innovation in regenerative medicine – including bioengineering, stem cell research and viable tissue based products. Osiris has achieved commercial success with products in orthopaedics, sports medicine and wound care, including BIO4®, Cartiform®, Grafix® , TruSkinTM and StravixTM. Osiris, Grafix, and Cartiform are registered trademarks of Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.; TruSkin and Stravix are trademarks of Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. BIO4® is a trademark of Howmedica Osteonics Corp. More information can be found on the company’s website, (OSIR-G).
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