International Stem Cell Wraps First Round of Parkinson's Disease Trial

- April 25th, 2017

International Stem Cell announced that the final patient in a clinical trial for Parkinson’s Disease was successfully transplanted with ISC-hpNSC cells.

International Stem Cell Corporation (OTCQB:ISCO) announced that the final patient in a clinical trial for Parkinson’s Disease was successfully transplanted with ISC-hpNSC cells.
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The fourth operation went according to plan and no adverse events associated with ISC-hpNSC® have been reported in any of the patients.

Russell Kern, PhD, executive vice president and chief scientific officer of ISCO commented: “We are very encouraged by the early clinical safety data for ISC-hpNSC®. We look forward to dosing our second cohort with 50 million cells and enrolling the rest of our clinical trial participants in 2017. The Data Safety Monitor Board meeting will be held in the beginning of May and we expect to receive approval to start an accelerated enrollment of patients into the second cohort.”
There are no approved treatments that restore the damaged dopaminergic neurons. The death of dopaminergic neurons causes the motor symptoms associated with PD such as stiffness, slowness and tremor.  Based on our preclinical research, ISC-hpNSC® has the potential to provide neurotrophic support and neuroregeneration to the affected tissues of the recipient brain. ISC-hpNSC® is the world’s first pluripotent stem cell based therapy for PD and if successful, it would represent a paradigm shift in the treatment of this devastating disease.

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