Successful BioPharma Startups Focus on the Science

- April 15th, 2019

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (TSX:BCT, OTCQB:BCTXF) was featured in an article by BioPharm International on process development in biopharma startups.

BioPharm International has recently published an article covering the process development in biopharma startups as they work to bring a commercially viable product to market. According to the article, most biopharma startups focus their efforts on attracting skilled talent and raising capital for their research. Process development, however, becomes an afterthought which can affect that startup’s ability to turn its concept into a commercially-viable product. Unknown companies also have trouble securing equipment and material vendors which can hinder that company’s ability to demonstrate credibility.

For companies like BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (TSX:BCT, OTC:BCTXF), an immuno-oncology company developing targetted immunotherapies for multiple cancer indications, process development can mean several different things. For BriaCell CEO Bill Williams, there are three aspects involved with process development: process development in the production of its novel therapeutics, the design and implementation of clinical trials and the selection of new drug targets.

Process development can also be developed in-house or outsourced. BriaCell oversees the development of its therapies and has worked with clinical research organizations (CRO) with experience in developing cellular therapies or in collaboration with regulatory experts. For its clinical trials, BriaCell designs the studies and has a CRO conduct the experiment, which ensures patient recruitment and treatment remains with the CRO. New drug target selection and strategy design to develop effective drugs, however, is done entirely in-house.

“It all falls into place based on who possesses the appropriate expertise and access to the corresponding resources,” said Williams.

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