Microbix Announces First Shipment of Bioreactor Antigen

Microbix Biosystems (TSX:MBX) announced the first full-scale shipment of antigen produced using its new bioreactor manufacturing process, following customer validation.

As quoted in the press release:

Microbix’ revenues are derived principally from the sales of its antigens for use in diagnostic tests. Historically, those antigens have been produced in thousands of “roller bottles,” a longstanding method of production that requires considerable material and labour inputs. Over the past few years, Microbix has been working to transfer such production to a new method based on “bioreactors.” Bioreactors offer the prospect for better process control, greater production capacity in the same facility space and reduced per-unit costs.

Shifting production from roller bottle to bioreactor technology is an involved process, requiring new equipment, expertise, process development and controls. Moving to bioreactor processes also involves validation of the resulting product by customers. The completion of internal processes and external validation has resulted in this first full-scale shipment of antigen made by bioreactor.

Click here to read the full press release.

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