Khrion Director Vicente Fox Believes Cannabis Legalization will Combat Cartels in Mexico

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Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSXV:KHRN,OTCQB:KHRNF,FWB:A2JMZC) Director Vicente Fox talks about how legalizing cannabis will limit illegal drug activity.

Mexico’s Senate is expected to vote in favor of a bill to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, in the hopes of curtailing the black market and drug cartel activities. This decision is backed by former President of Mexico and current director of Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSXV:KHRN,OTCQB:KHRNF,FWB:A2JMZC) Vicente Fox. Since leaving office in late 2006, Fox has been a vocal advocate for the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis and joined Khiron’s board last year. When speaking to CNBC, Fox pointed to Colombia and Canada as examples where the relaxing the government stance on personal drug use has yielded promising results.

“Watching that example, we see that in a natural way, the old illegal underground activities start to disappear by themselves, because now they don’t have a market. The market is taken by the new situation — the new products, the new corporations being provided,” said Fox. “If you go to Washington state or Seattle, you see today that many of the old places that we used to look that were underground providing product to consumers, now they have formed part of the new industry that is legal. Now, instead of committing crimes by distributing drugs, they do it as a businessman.”

In the article, Fox cautioned against prosecuting distributors for past illegal activities and to instead help them legitimize their operations. Failure to do so could force them to diversify into other criminal activities. Fox also believes that legalization will provide more information to doctors, enabling them to offer guidance to patients. Doctors would also have the capacity to reduce any broader health risks associated with overconsumption.

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