High Hampton Holdings Corp CEO on the Consolidation of California’s Cannabis Industry

- March 26th, 2018

High Hamptons Holding Corp. (CSE:HC), CEO David E. Argudo recently came out on an episode of MidasLetter with James West.

High Hampton Holdings Corp. (CSE:HC), CEO David E. Argudo was recently featured on an episode of MidasLetter with James West to talk about the company’s plans for its 176,000 square feet of greenhouse space, which they expect to be running by 2019.

The CEO talked about his take on US federal legislation and what effect, if any, it will have on High Hampton. He discussed the potential for better returns for investors moving forward by capitalizing on the opportunity for High Hampton in the United States.

He also looked towards other American companies in the marijuana space as the industry continues to mature. “There’s a lot of people who want to grow marijuana in California,” he said. Argudo stresses that because of the Federal prohibition towards cannabis in the United States at the state-level, cannabis operations are currently the exclusive bailiwick of Canadian investors and investment banks. There is hesitation to deploy capital on such a large scale in the United States and that’s the opportunity that High Hampton is looking to capitalize on.

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