Mojave Jane


Consolidating California’s Cannabis Industry

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Mojave Jane Brands Inc. (CSE:JANE, OTC:HHPHF, FSE:OHCN) is a Canadian-based cannabis sector brand and distribution company with vertically-integrated operations in California, serving the recreational and wellness markets. The company offers distribution, branding, manufacturing, processing and cultivation services in California’s cannabis industry. Using its experienced management team, the company is acquiring properties, licensed distributors, cultivators and other key brands in the industry.

Distribution is a key factor in establishing a leading presence in California and as such, the company’s priority is to establish a distribution network across California. To date, Mojave Jane has acquired 420 Realty, a company with vertically-integrated operations on the outskirts of Los Angeles. 8 Points Mgmt and its subsidiary Bravo Distro will form the basis of the company’s distribution services.

Mojave Jane Company Highlights

  • Established distribution network through 8 Points Mgmt LLC and 420 Realty acquisitions
  • Obtained six temporary licenses that cover cultivation, processing, non-storefront retail, manufacturing and distribution for Cudahy location in Los Angeles County
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