High Hampton CEO Discusses Shift in Business Strategy

- March 15th, 2019

High Hampton Holdings Corp (CSE:HC,OTC:HHPHF,FSE:OHCN) CEO Gary Latham discussed the company’s recent shift in business strategy and its investment in the2083 Group Inc. with Midas Letter.

High Hampton Holdings (CSE:HC,OTC:HHPHF,FSE:OHCN) CEO Gary Latham joined the Midas Letter to discuss the company’s recent shift in business strategy and its investment in the 2083 Group Inc. High Hampton will be focusing on developing cannabis products and brands due to their higher margins.

High Hampton has a 15,000-square-foot facility in Cudahy, California. It has six licenses for the facility, which will allow High Hampton to distribute medical and recreational cannabis throughout the state. According to Latham, the facility will provide a foundation for the company. It will house the company’s nursery, distribution, non-storefront retail, edibles kitchen and manufacturing capabilities once the facility is fully operational. High Hampton’s delivery license will play an essential role in future business operations as it allows the company to enter counties and municipalities that have otherwise restricted retail cannabis operations.

Latham also talked about the company’s CaliGold and Mojave Jane brands. High Hampton is already shipping products and recently released new products for their CaliGold edibles brand. Latham pointed out that the CaliGold brand has done well in California’s market.

High Hampton has also gained a minority interest in the 2083 Group. The 2083 Group developed the Speedweed delivery platform, an on-demand cannabis delivery service with a consumer database of over 250,000 consumers throughout California. Speedweed currently works with 10 dispensaries in the state and is growing rapidly. There are approximately 800 dispensaries throughout California, and they only cover a small area. Latham stated that High Hampton is aiming to service those who do not have a dispensary near them. The investment also offers High Hampton the opportunity to access market data, understand consumer demands and to develop products and brands that meet those demands.

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