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2599708 Ontario Inc. (“Good & Green”) is pleased to announce its comprehensive commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”).

2599708 Ontario Inc. (“Good & Green”) is pleased to announce its comprehensive commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”).

“Good & Green is pleased to be a leader in the cannabis industry with its firm commitment to CSR. Good & Green strongly believes that CSR should be at the core of any cannabis company,” said Jeannette VanderMarel, co-founder and President of Good & Green. “As a social responsible company, Good & Green will consider all stakeholders in its decision-making and actions. It also means that Good & Green, while seeking profits, will balance the values to be gained against the costs of achieving the benefits.”

“Good & Green has placed CSR at the centre of how it conducts its business as well as manages policy and procedures to produce an overall positive impact on society. This is also reflected in Good & Green’s mission statement: We will make a difference in the cannabis industry, by being a best-in-class, socially responsible, customer-focused and profitable Licensed Producer of cannabis,” said Daniel Goldberg, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Good & Green.

Good & Green’s CSR commitment outlines Good & Green’s purpose, approach and key priorities, in addition to outlining how the company will work towards achieving these goals. Good & Green’s purpose, approach and priorities will be at the core of all employees’ actions. Good & Green will ensure that its vendors and suppliers adhere to a similarly high standard. Good & Green’s approach to CSR recognizes that corporate decisions can affect society and that Good & Green must continually demonstrate responsible practices in a respectful, ethical and fully accountable manner, keeping in mind the best interest of its stakeholders.

  • Our Purpose: Good & Green’s purpose is to make a positive impact on the community, provide corporate and community leadership, be transparent and inclusive, employ best practices, be trusted and respected, and consider all stakeholders as part of the company’s decision making.
  • Our Approach: The pillars of Good & Green’s approach will include its policies and procedures, code of conduct, corporate governance structure, partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and CSR reporting. These items will ensure the company is always focused on and committed to its responsibilities to its stakeholders.
  • Our Priorities: Good & Green’s key CSR priorities include responsible production, creating a safe and diverse workplace, improving our community, upholding the highest standards within our supply chain, and protecting the environment by minimizing energy consumption and waste.

Good & Green’s CSR priorities, are in alignment with the company’s goal to become a best-in class industry leader, encourage responsible consumption, keep product out of the hands of children and ensure the safety and security of communities around us. For additional information on Good & Green’s commitment to CSR as well as further details on its priorities, please visit

About Good & Green

Good & Green is a socially responsible, organic cannabis company co-founded by Jeannette VanderMarel (co-founder The Green Organic Dutchman) and Daniel Goldberg (formerly PharmaCan, Macquarie, CIBC, and National Bank). The company is focused on developing high quality, consistent, homogeneous organic cannabis and cannabis products. Good & Green received its Cultivation License from Health Canada in October 2018 and operates from its 46,000 square foot facility situated on five acres of land in Brantford, Ontario. Good & Green also owns a 100 acre farm in southwest Ontario and will be applying for a second site license in October 2018. The farm is capable of producing at least 40,000 kg of dried cannabis, and the company anticipates beginning production in the early spring of 2019.

The Corporation’s Advisory Panel includes Trina Fraser (Partner, Brazeau Seller LLP), Steve Kroft (CEO, Conviron), Anita Wortzman (President, Farmers Edge), and Dr. Gillian Davidson (CEO, Wild Horse Consulting Ltd.).




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