4Front Ventures

Vertically-Integrated, Multi-State Cannabis Operation

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4Front Ventures Corp. (CSE:FFNT,OTC:CNXXF) is a cannabis company formed by the merging of 4Front and Cannex, two companies with unique, definable and complementary skillsets. The company is designed for long-term success and built upon battle-tested operating capabilities, experienced and aligned leadership, a strategic asset base and a commitment to being a magnet for talent.

4Front was founded in 2011 as a regulatory and operations consultant to dispensary operators. The company’s roots were in developing best practices for the operation of professional medical cannabis dispensaries, ensuring that retail customers and their experiences remain a focus.

Cannex’s leadership founded its Washington cultivation and production operations in 2012. The team demonstrated that the company can execute at scale in highly-competitive environments. These proven operational capabilities have helped 4Front to successfully scale production, distribution and sales in the company’s chosen markets.

Since 2014, 4Front has added 371,200 square feet of cultivation facilities in three states with an additional 190,000 square feet currently under development. The company has 11 dispensaries operating across seven states with additional dispensaries under development in five of those states.

4Front’s wellness division in California currently sells CBD products online throughout the US with a full line of CBD and THC wellness products available through retail stores. The wellness division also offers an overnight cannabis delivery service, with a network that covers approximately 93 percent of California’s operations.

From plant genetics to the cannabis retail experience, 4Front’s team applies expertise across the value chain. The company has invested heavily in assembling a comprehensive collection of management skills and hands-on operating expertise to capitalize on the unique growth opportunity being afforded by the increased legalization of cannabis.

4Front Ventures Company Highlights

  • Battle-tested operating capabilities.
  • Washington production – 4Front’s strategic partner, Northwest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS) manufactures more than 100,000 cartridges, 200,000 edible packs and 200,000 pre-rolls per quarter.
  • NWCS holds the number two market position in flower sales in Washington and has similar leadership positions across infused product categories, with over 20 brands supporting 300 product SKUs.
  • 4Front has helped stand up, staff and operate more than 20 dispensaries in nine states since 2011.
  • 4Front’s regulatory expertise stems from its initial advisory and licensing business. The company’s regulatory team has helped secure more than 60 operating licenses across 10 states.
  • 4Front’s business development team is prioritizing organic new market opportunities and potential acquisition prospects.
  • Experienced and aligned leadership – since inception, 4Front’s leadership has invested over US$8 million in the company.
  • Strategic and invested leadership with a great mix of industry veterans and emerging industry talent.
  • Commitment to being a magnet for talent – 4Front employs approximately 300 people, over 550 when including strategic partners such as NWCS.

4Front’s Multi-State Assets

4Front Ventures has three divisions that cover production, cultivation, retail and wellness. Brightleaf oversees six cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts. The company also has the licenses in place to develop product manufacturing facilities in Arizona and California.

Mission currently operates 11 cannabis dispensaries in seven states. The company expects to organically own, operate or manage 12 retail locations by the end of 2019. Pure Ratios sells wellness products that marry cannabinoids with traditional ingredients used in eastern medicine, as well as a line of hemp-derived CBD products sold nationwide.

Brightleaf (Production)

First Generation:  Tumwater, ington

In 2014, 4Front completed construction on a 72,000-square-foot cultivation facility. In 2018, NWCS reported yields of over 350 grams per square foot from the facility. The property also features a 56,500-square-foot processing space that manufactures more than 100,000 cartridges, 200,000 edible packs and 200,000 pre-rolls per quarter.

Second Generation:  Elma, Washington

In 2016, 4Front finished construction on a 60,000-square-foot cultivation facility. The company’s operating partner reported yields of over 400 grams per square foot in 2018.

Third Generation: Massachusetts, Illinois and California

4Front has two facilities in Massachusetts. The 67,000-square-foot Georgetown facility and the 21,700-square-foot Worchester facility each include cultivation and manufacturing space. The company also has a 94,000-square-foot cultivation and manufacturing facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and is currently building a 190,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Commerce City, California.

Mission (Retail)

Through its subsidiary, 4Front has developed an extensive retail presence in several states across the US.

  • Massachusetts — Three dispensaries licensed for medical operations, with adult use expansions pending; additional Mission stores in the works through brand licensing agreements
  • Illinois — One dispensary with additional location in the queue after passage of adult-use bill
  • Pennsylvania — One dispensary operating, with two additional locations licensed and under development
  • Maryland — Three dispensaries operating under licensing agreements; one dispensary to open pending regulatory inspection
  • Arkansas – One dispensary operating, with two additional locations licensed and under development
  • Arizona — One dispensary
  • Michigan — One dispensary

Pure Ratios (Wellness)

Founded by two natural health practitioners with over 45 years of combined hands-on experience, Pure Ratios’ origins are rooted in natural medicine and science, technology and holistic medicine. The company has developed proprietary formulations that were created by long-time practitioners of eastern medicine.

Creators of the award-winning 96-hour pain relief patch, the first and only pain management product of its kind, the Pure Ratio patches utilize topical delivery of CBD and THC. Through this method, the CBD or THC bypasses the digestive process for an undiluted absorption of cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream.

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