Royal Wins: Disrupting the Pure Skill Gaming Space Across Emerging Markets Worldwide

- August 9th, 2021

Royal Wins Pty Ltd. (CSE:SKLL) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network.

Royal Wins Pty Ltd. (CSE:SKLL) operates an innovative digital games studio pioneering skill game wagering and betting on mobile casual games. Its flagship skill gaming app, Kash Karnival, offers players in 147 countries the chance to win real money.

The company’s key drivers involve utilizing the rapid rise of social and mobile gaming amongst millennials and the uptick of wagering on skill games across mobile, PC & console platforms. As Royal Wins’ adds more games to its flagship app Kash Karnival, players will have more choice & control over how their wins, gameplay, and player-to-player gaming experience.

Royal Wins’ Company Highlights

  • Royal Wins is the world’s first licensed real-money pure skill gaming platform
  • The company stands as the emerging leader in pure skill real-money gaming and is the recipient of the world’s first gaming license for games of skill.
  • Royal Wins has released a suite of pure skill mobile games on Android and iOS mobile/tablet platforms via their skill gaming app, Kash Karnival.
  • The company’s key drivers include the rapid increase of mobile and social gaming, which has the potential to push its over 1.6 million user base to new heights.
  • Royal Wins is led by a team of industry stars in game development and internet gaming. Collaboration with a proven management team poses exceptional economic and user growth potential for the company.



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