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Trade Show and Conference Contra Marketing

Investing News Network works with event organizers to inform our audience regarding event opportunities. We also use these events to promote our products and services to companies that could benefit from connecting with our investor audience. For more information on our audience, please see this page.

Contra marketing agreements could include INN contributing:

  • Dedicated event description page describing the event and INN’s coverage over time with link to event site
  • Listing with logo on event listing page with link to event description page
  • Pre-event web and newsletter advertising (may be geo-targeted)
  • Pre-event interview with event organizer, published on the site and distributed via all channels (web, email, social media, app, etc.)
  • Expert panel moderation
  • Event editorial coverage, published on the site and distributed via all channels
  • Event report produced compiling all event content
  • Event producer advertising in event report

Note: INN does not do dedicated email sends as part of contra marketing campaigns.

Ads provided to INN must comply with these specifications.

In exchange, INN will expect some combination of the following

  • Official media partner recognition, including listing on event site
  • Inclusion in event promotional campaigns
  • Inclusion in any printed event materials
  • Event passes for INN staff
  • Exhibit space, which could be up to 10′ x 20′ (3m x 6m) for production of video content
  • Exhibit space must be on an aisle and away from presentation stages to ensure audio quality
  • Distribution via all channels of promotion and link to report of compiled event content for audience marketing

For including INN on event materials, please use the following:

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About InvestingNews.com – Investing News Network

The Investing News Network® (INN) publishes InvestingNews.com as a destination web site for the investment community. We provide independent, trusted news and education for investors in over 40 targeted categories.

For investors who are comfortable taking the next step, we offer the opportunity to connect with trusted companies providing investment opportunities.

For these trusted companies, we connect them with investors who are educated in the specific opportunities in that niche and who are ready to engage.

Investors can analyze 40 specialized investment segments including gold, silver, graphite, uranium, potash, medical devices, biotech, 3D printing, cloud computing, and social media.

This content is rolled up from the niche sites to provide broader context on overview sites. These sites include: Resource Investing News, Life Science Investing News, Cannabis Investing News and Technology Investing News.


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