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December 3, 2019

MCA Renews Call to Lift Nuclear Energy Ban in Australia

According to the MCA, nuclear energy is an ideal alternative to fossil fuels, which account for 81 percent of Australia's...
May 27, 2019

Australia’s Conservative Government Holds on Despite Polls

The Australian election campaign was filled with debates over the resources industry — from coal, gold and uranium to EV...
May 7, 2019

Electric Vehicles Hum Onto Center Stage in Australian Election

The Investing News Network takes a look at why electric vehicles have been such a hot topic in the Australian...
May 2, 2019

Nuclear Energy Powers Politicking in Australia

Canberra has historically been somewhere between hostile and suspicious towards the nuclear energy sector — and indeed anything uranium.
February 28, 2019

Investing in Election Season: The Polls to Watch in 2019 — Part 2

The Investing News Network takes a look at some of the elections coming up in 2019 that investors with an...
November 27, 2018

Australia Looks to Maximize Economic Ties with India

Australia’s government has responded to an India-focused economic strategy report with positivity and plans to support its recommendations.
October 19, 2018

Base Metals Weekly Round-Up: Deals, Buyouts and Outages

In base metals news this week, Solaris Copper snags itself an early deal, Townsville may be set for a new...