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July 19, 2016

Copper Price Update

Copper prices are on the rise once again at $2.25 per pound, lifted by expectations for economic stimulus in China.
April 6, 2016

Thomson Reuters GFMS: Copper to Stay in Surplus to 2018

This week, Thomson Reuters GFMS released its annual copper survey. While things might be looking a bit better for the...
January 28, 2016

KGHM's Mark Crawley on Predicting Copper Prices

Predicting metals prices is nearly impossible under the best of circumstances. In a presentation at AMEBC's Mineral Exploration Roundup, Mark...
May 24, 2015

World’s Biggest Mining Companies Betting on Copper

There's still some uncertainty regarding how soon copper will shift into a deficit. However, positive arguments for the copper price...
April 28, 2015

Bruce Alway of Thomson Reuters GFMS Talks Copper Prices

Thomson Reuters GFMS released its much anticipated 2015 Copper Survey during this month’s CESCO week in Santiago, Chile, and Copper...
March 12, 2015

Cormarck Securities Staying Bullish on Copper

With copper prices still sitting around $2.61 per pound, sentiment in the space isn't great at the moment. However, firms...
March 8, 2015

Stefan Ioannou: Watch China for Zinc Price Outlook Clues

In this PDAC interview Haywood Securities analyst Stefan Ioannou discusses a variety of hot topics, including zinc's positive price outlook...