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Next Generation of Energy Storage Uniquely Powered by its Own Supply Chain

Next Generation of Energy Storage Uniquely Powered by its Own Supply Chain

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (TSXV:VRB) is an integrated vanadium company developing an exclusive supply chain for next generation vanadium redox flow batteries. The Company has jointly developed process technology that mitigates the cost and carbon footprint of vanadium which is successfully tested on many global feedstocks. The Company’s vanadium rich titanomagnetite resource base is located in mining friendly Quebec, Canada and the first VRFB facility is located in Rastatt, Germany.

VRFBs are considered to be one of the most sustainable forms of energy storage in the world as the electrolytes contain vanadium and do not degrade. Vanadium batteries do not generate any heat and unlike other batteries, one metal vanadium) is both the anode and cathode, allowing for the separation of power and energy. VRBFs provide an unlimited capacity and customizable rates of charge and discharge that can operate concurrently. If more energy storage is required, additional tanks of electrolyte are simply added and managed through simple control systems. This is unlike short-life, large carbon footprint battery technologies that are comprised of individually managed cells that eventual cross contaminate and compound safety and performance risks relating to unstable elements and thermal runaway.

VRFBs are containerized, long duration, non-flammable, compact, reusable over infinite cycles and last more than 20 years. Most batteries use two chemicals that change valence (or charge or redox state) and cross contaminate and thus degrade over time. VRFBs utilize multiple valence states of vanadium as a single element to store and release charge. VRFBs consists of two tanks of vanadium electrolyte that flow adjacent to each other past a membrane and generate a charge by moving electrons back and forth during charging and discharging. This battery offers unlimited energy capacity simply by using larger electrolyte storage tanks. It can be left completely charged for long periods without losing power and maintenance is much simpler than other batteries. The unique advantage to separate power and energy also provides significant advantages over competing technologies. With sustainably produced VanadiumCorp ElectrolyteTM, the carbon footprint of the VRFB is remarkably low.

VanadiumCorp’s Company Highlights

  • Vanadium Battery Technology Debut in the EU – Learn more at XRG.COM
  • New process – the patent-pending VEPT is a green chemical technology innovation that directly recovers vanadium electrolyte and unlocks max value of magnetite slags and calcine without carbon current pollutive methods.
  • Near term commercial demonstration objectives – Lowest vanadium electrolyte price target through unique recovery of iron, titanium and silica. Commercial targets and global licensing development plan include processing feedstocks previously considered to be waste.
  • Global licensing and royalties – Objective of commercial demonstration and cash flow to finance process development and unlock new supply.
  • Long term commercial production objective – 100 percent owned vanadium-titanium-iron resource base.
  • North American advantage – Unrivalled vanadium-titanium-iron mineralization tested recoverable with VEPT.
  • Experienced management and technical team – Quality expertise with a sustainable vision.
  • Small market capitalization – Strategic upside position in emerging process technology and supply chain required for energy storage, steel, vanadium, titanium and iron markets.
  • Strong demand – Demand continues to increase as vanadium is the most cost-efficient steel and alloy strengthener, and new applications for vanadium-based energy storage, window coatings, robotics and supercomputing are forecast to increase demand.
  • Location – Mining and technology-friendly Quebec provides tax incentives, government support and low-cost hydroelectricity.
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