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FluroTech (TSXV:TEST) is an Alberta-based technology company dedicated to providing a fast, accurate, and cost-effective testing platform for the cannabis industry. To this end, FluroTech Ltd. has designed and developed a proprietary technology, CompleTest™, which uses fluorescence spectroscopy technology with specific test kits that each measure the content of a given attribute including CBD, THC, pesticides, heavy metals and more.

The CompleTest™ device was developed in collaboration with the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta, originally conceptualized by FluroTech CTO Dr. Elmar Prenner. The portable, user-friendly device provides accurate results within minutes. This is in contrast to traditional lab testing, which typically takes between three days and three weeks to deliver results.

CompleTest™ plays a key role in testing cannabis for potency and contaminates, providing greater ease and efficiency for licensed producers to optimize harvest time while delivering a safe product. The device along with associated test kits are set to be invaluable across the entire cannabis chain, from growth to extraction to consumption.

The company has also developed a biomarking technique and has accelerated the development of a roadside testing device. These will be followed by an additional three revenue streams including pesticide testing, myclobutanil – aflatoxins testing and industrial testing. As the company continues to develop its capabilities, it will also work towards securing global patents for its proprietary technology as it penetrates markets in the US and worldwide.

FluroTech Company Highlights

  • Proprietary technology designed to test cannabis products for multiple attributes
  • Seven planned revenue streams
  • Heavy-metal testing kit is ready to market.
  • Developing roadside testing device on an accelerated development schedule
  • THC and CBD test kits are a proven alternative to existing technology
  • Developing a method for biomarking cannabis
  • Establishing initial customer base in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada
  • Strong management team includes innovators in the space
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