-The global video game industry is thriving, despite the widespread economic disruption caused by the coronavirus. With the practice of social distancing reducing consumer and business activity to a minimum, gaming offers an engaging distraction for people at home longing for social interaction. Initial data shows significant growth in play time and overall game sales since the lockdown began in March 2020 . According to a forecast by Newzoo a gaming analytics company, global spending on gaming is projected to climb 9.3% this year to $159.3 billion in spite of the current economic challenges.

traditional artists can re-tool to become game concept artists

Game Pill has worked on over 100 titles in the gaming industry for industry titans like Viacom, Disney, Discovery Networks, Google and other recognizable names. Game Pill has been entrusted with iconic characters like Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda , Barbie, SpongeBob and others. Game Pill is globally connected, recruiting the best art, programming, and design talent from Canada and internationally. Due to the pandemic, the company has been able to leverage top talent, working effectively across multiple teams. The company helps bring an app/game idea to reality with over 20 years of industry experience. Game Pill is based in Toronto , with plans to open additional offices to serve passionate creators who believe in persistence and are in search of a creative outlet.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , 20.6 million people have lost their jobs. In contrast, US gaming sales in August 2020 increased 37% year-over-year to $3.3 billion , marking the fifth straight month of sales growth compared to the same periods in 2019.  Overall, year to date, $29.4 billion of video games have been sold in the US alone, a net 23% increase compared to the prior year. This is in line with the significant spike in total game play time, which averages just over 7 hours per week, or 20% more time spent playing compared to 2019.

Game Pill offers talented people the tools and support necessary to foster creativity and learn new skills. Always striving to create unique game experiences that instill a sense of wonder and excitement in gamers, Game Pill specializes in original IP, co-development, and work for hire.

Mike Sorrenti , Game Pill's President and Creative Director noted, "More people and companies are investing in games, and hiring companies like Game Pill to bring their projects to fruition." Developing games requires multiple disciplines and many who may be out of work right now, but have backgrounds in graphic design, website development, or film and television, could look to a new career in gaming as a designer, inventor, programmer, engineer, musician, artist or writer.

With the rise in demand for games, Game Pill is currently seeking talented people from other disciplines to join their team so that they can continue to make more digital dreams come true.  Sorrenti points out, "As a result of the pandemic, we are now expanding our reach further than we have before. Over the past year, the challenges of working remotely have begun to fade, and we are able to use the time saved from commuting for training to connect with even more professionals around the world." 2020 marked a significant pivot to traditional work habits, as video conferencing and the "work-from-home experiment" became commonplace. A survey of 3,500 workers report that 98% would like to work remotely for at least some time in their careers 1 , even in a post pandemic world. Game Pill has seen a surge in both Canadian as well as international applicants, with several having advanced skills and experience from other industries that are looking to break into the gaming space.

Despite the tragedy of the pandemic, Game Pill is offering a silver lining; the opportunity in gaming for those who are interested in retooling, changing careers, and looking to transition remotely.

Game Pill has seen an increase in demand for jobs in gaming for writers, artists, musicians, storytellers, programmers, 3d and 2d artists. They have also expanded their reach of potential talent due to a more globalized workforce and acceptance of remote work arrangements. The founders are happy to answer questions and do interviews.

Game Pill:  We do what we love so you love what we do!

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Game Pill is an experienced and driven group of digital creators, working alongside industry leading partners. Our talented team of artists, programmers, and designers strive to create the innovative gaming worlds of tomorrow.

With a combined 16 years of interactive experience, prior to starting Game Pill, Mike was a Brand Manager for Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers, and is no stranger to entertainment. Mike is a prolific producer and CEO, having created well over 100 game titles across various platforms since 2008. These titles have ranged from mini-casual games to large scope digital media projects for clients such as Nickelodeon, Marvel, National Geographic, Disney, Discovery Channel, and others. With an interest in toy design, in 2020 he earned his certificate in Toy Invention under the direction of the lead Spin Master Toy Designer, and has recently consulted for Sago Mini and others.

Mary Sorrenti is the Vice President of Game Pill, where she oversees finance, business affairs, and production, ensuring her internal teams stay motivated, and client care remains paramount. As a CPA, Mary spent the first half of her career providing business and tax advice to some of Canada's most successful enterprises before finding her place in the interactive digital media world. She has over 15 years of experience leading teams and managing projects from concept to final deliverable. Mary also sits on the Board for Interactive Ontario and is Chair of its' Advocacy Committee.

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