SunSpear Games today announced its advisory board members that have been instrumental in guiding the company as it develops its first Triple-A (AAA) video game title for the PC, IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre. The Community Leadership Advisory and Esports Advisory boards, work in their respective missions to assist the company.

IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre (PRNewsfoto/SunSpear Games)

The Community Leadership Advisory Board's mission is to create a welcoming environment to recruit a respectful and diverse community of players, content creators, and professional gamers. The Esports Advisory Board aims to ensure that IMMORTAL is well designed to succeed in the thriving competitive gaming scene. The board advises on incentive structures, in-game tools, and events that will create a healthy ecosystem for professional players, spectators, on-screen talent, teams, coaches, tournament organizers, and sponsors.

"I am excited about taking an advisory role with SunSpear Games," said Morgan Romine , PhD, Co-Founder of AnyKey. "It's always thrilling to work with a company like SunSpear because they've prioritized growing a welcoming and inclusive gaming community from the very beginning."

"As a former Starcraft professional player, as soon as I saw IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre, I knew I had to be involved with SunSpear Games. I really appreciate the team's passion for building a great strategy game, commitment to community engagement, and love of esports, which is why I also personally invested," said Victor Goossens , Founder and Co-CEO of Team Liquid. "It's been a pleasure advising the team on what it takes to create and bring to market a AAA game suitable to attract top players and large esport audiences."

"As someone whose first esports love was RTS, I've pined for the glorious return of the genre to the forefront. SunSpear shares my values in game design and an appeal to hardcore gamers demanding a high skill ceiling for players to demonstrate their mastery," said Chris "MonteCristo" Mykles, Professional esports Broadcaster. "I encourage MOBA players to try IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre if you're tired of teammates tanking your ranked games and are ready to live or die by your skill alone."

The individuals advising and guiding SunSpear as they deliver the exciting new strategy game, IMMORTAL include:

IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre is a new strategy game that delivers the exciting battles of RTS and MOBA games, set in an incredibly immersive world. Diverse civilizations plunge into conflict as magical gateways connecting three planets awaken and vast armies gather for war. Immortals are the God-like commanders of creation, ruling from on high, adding transformative abilities, devastating spells, and elite "Vanguard" troops to their armies.

About SunSpear: SunSpear Games, Inc. is a video game development studio working on its first AAA title, IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre. With a deep background in modding, the company has developed the internationally known keyboard layout for professional players "The Core", as well as several highly popular mods for Skyrim and Starcraft.

Follow IMMORTAL on Discord and on the website:

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MetaOne: GameFi is an untapped jewel in the making

Marrtin Hoon CEO of MetaOne shares his thoughts on how gaming industry has always been evergreen as gamers will always play games regardless of the global economic situation. In fact, more will find solace through the world of gaming. The hottest topic in town would be the evolution of GameFi, the fusion of the words "game" and "finance" which stands for monetization of the gaming experience. Making money playing online games has been around for some time, but with the emergence of GameFi since the 2020s, people are actually making a living by playing these games.

Despite all the hype, there is still a huge potential for community growth as making the switch from traditional gaming to GameFi requires effort, knowledge building, or in certain cases, cash.

Created by Gamers, MetaOne project is committed to reach out to this untapped community to shed the path towards GameFi by neutralising the transition barriers with their single interface platform.

The MetaOne platform highlights effortless onboarding with its one-stop guild management system that facilitates sign ups from all gamers and followers. Their integration with GameFi partners make BigData analysis possible with in-game insights that empower decision makers to execute secure cross-chain NFT activities via their Smart Contract protocol. The ecosystem within is looking forward to bringing tremendous benefit to all stakeholders while contributing to the GameFi space expansion.

"The market now is very turbulent but also gave us an opportunity to prove some key points. MetaOne's key strategy has always been to convert this massive group of gamers to enter into GameFi through a credible platform that provides science and data clearly to them for making right choices. This will have material impacts to GameFi studios and ultimately the blockchain community," said Marrtin, CEO of MetaOne, "We are so excited about communicating this vision to all geographical regions and realizing it into real executable plans where guilds, gamers, GameFi studios and users can see and feel the tangibles."

Fundamentally, Metaone does not compete with Guilds, games, and online ecosystems but rather is a comprehensive enabler and force multiplier for the Gamefi space, integrating analytics, guild management, NFT asset management, and Game NFT activities that can be harnessed to empower these spaces plus changing how the industry operates.

More about MetaOne:


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