Gen.G, Jay Park, pH-1, GroovyRoom Collaborate On Exclusive Song 'ALL IN' For Gen.G League Of Legends Team

- Today, Global esports organization Gen.G, in partnership with Korean hip hop icon Jay Park rising star pH-1 and producer duo GroovyRoom unveiled its new original song and music video for "ALL IN" celebrating Gen.G's League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) team - making its broadcast debut on August 8 during Gen.G's match against its rival T1.

Photo by Gen.G

With creative direction from Gen.G's Executive Brand Ambassador Heron Preston, who designed the artwork for the song and music video, "ALL IN" is a labor of love for the entire team whose favorite genre is Korean hip hop. Jay Park , an Asian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and entrepreneur, spent hours during the season break speaking with the team to understand their passion for gaming, their background and what drove them to compete on a global stage.

"It's intriguing to see these young gamers train and go out to put it all on the line,' said Jay Park . "I'm always trying to explore new boundaries, and it's a privilege to be able to do it with Gen.G  With this song 'ALL IN,' I wanted to say to make sure you give it your all- whether you win or lose, you'll have no regrets."

"It was an honor to work with one of the icons of the Korean hip hop industry in Jay Park as well as the incredible rising stars in pH-1 and GroovyRoom," said Arnold Hur , Gen.G's COO. "We have a history of working with Korean hip hop artists as our players have always been huge fans of Korean hip hop. When we had an opportunity to meet Jay, our entire team was both shocked and appreciative of how much time Jay spent understanding what makes our players tick and showing them so much respect for their passion."

The music video, directed by THECUT Studio, shows a dystopian desert that signifies the players' experiences of the pressures of being on-stage and their internal struggles as they fight through it.  It also shows a large "Gen.G army," representing their fans, who have provided them with motivation from afar during a difficult season. The video can be streamed here .

Song Details:
Where to Stream the Song: Spotify, Apple Music, Melon, genie, Bugs, FLO, VIBE,
Talent: Jay Park , pH-1, GroovyRoom
Artwork by: Heron Preston
Media assets: LINK

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FaZe Holdings Inc. Announces Date of Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Financial Results Earnings Call

FaZe Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: FAZE), the lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, announced that it will release its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2022 in a Shareholder Letter after the market closes on Thursday, March 30, 2023 .

FaZe Clan Logo (PRNewsfoto/FaZe Clan)

FaZe will issue a press release when its Shareholder Letter has been posted to its Investor Relations website at . Following the release of the Shareholder Letter, FaZe will host a webcasted conference call to discuss its results.

Earnings Webcast Information
Event: FaZe Holdings Inc. Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Earning Call
Date: Thursday, March 30, 2023
Time: 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time ( 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time )
Live Webcast Site:

An archived webcast of the conference call will be accessible on FaZe Holding Inc.'s Investor Relations page, .

About FaZe Holdings Inc.
FaZe Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: FAZE) ("FaZe Clan"), is a digital-native lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and internet culture, reimagining traditional entertainment for the next generation. Founded in 2010 by a group of kids on the internet, FaZe Clan was created for and by gamers and today operates across multiple verticals with transformative content, tier-one brand partnerships, a collective of notable talent, and fashion and consumer products. Reaching over 500 million followers across social platforms globally, FaZe Clan delivers a wide variety of entertainment spanning video blogs, lifestyle and branded content, gaming highlights and live streams of highly competitive gaming tournaments. FaZe Clan's roster of more than 100 influential personalities consists of engaging content creators, esports professionals, world-class gamers and a mix of talent who go beyond the world of gaming, including NFL star Kyler "FaZe K1" Murray, LeBron "FaZe Bronny" James Jr., Lil Yachty aka "FaZe Boat", Offset aka "FaZe Offset" and Snoop Dogg aka "FaZe Snoop." Its gaming division includes 13  competitive esports teams who have won 37 world championships. The content of any website referenced or hyperlinked in this communication is neither incorporated into, nor part of, this communication. For more information, visit , and follow FaZe Clan on Twitter , Instagram , YouTube , TikTok , and Twitch .


Press: +

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NetEase Showcases a Diverse Slate of Presentations at GDC 2023

  • Over 20 NetEase Games experts have been shortlisted to present at GDC this year, delivering more than 16 talks across the Core Concepts and Summits sessions.
  • Presentations from NetEase Games sessions will focus on sharing insights based on its blockbuster titles such as Harry Potter : Magic Awakened , Life After or Naraka: Bladepoint , highlighting its use of machine learning in game development, debating the future of tabletop games and showcasing research about the management of gaming communities.
  • NetEase Games will also introduce CliCli, an integrated game editor and global distribution platform which removes barriers to entry for game creators.

NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES and HKEX: 9999, "NetEase" or the "Company"), one of China's leading internet and online game services providers, will be attending the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC), with its employees delivering more than 16 talks across the Core Concepts and Summits sessions.

NetEase Games will also showcase CliCli at booth S1332 in the Expo area and during a sponsored presentation titled Developing a User-Generated Content Platform Ecosystem . CliCli is an integrated game editor and global distribution platform which removes barriers to entry for game creators such as the need to write code, helping them concentrate on game design and getting to market faster.

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Intella X will be Showcasing Its Web3 Platform and Games at GDC with Polygon Labs

Intella X, the innovative Web3 gaming platform developed by South Korean gaming giant NEOWIZ, has announced that it will participate alongside Polygon Labs in the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco .

Intella X

The Web3 gaming platform is expected to showcase its game lineups, including first-person shooter (FPS) "A.V.A"; the NFT PFP project 'Early Retired Cats Club'; as well as showcase the demo for the upcoming Web3 MMORPG, 'EOS Gold', developed by Blue Potion Games, at Polygon Labs' booth on March 22nd .

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Polygon Labs for GDC 2023," said a spokesperson for Intella X. "And we are just as excited to showcase our upcoming game titles to provide a unique and unforgettable Web3 gaming experience on Polygon."

"Intella X is making remarkable strides in Web3 gaming, thanks to their cutting-edge platform and unparalleled content offerings, positioning them as a leading player in the industry," said Urvit Goel, Vice President, Head of Global Business Development at Polygon Labs. "We are pleased to showcase them in the Polygon booth at GDC."

In addition to its game showcase, Intella X will also hold an on-site NFT whitelist event for its upcoming NFT PFP project, 'Early Retired Cats Club'. Event attendees can participate by visiting the Polygon booth, where winners will be randomly selected for an opportunity to mint one of the highly anticipated NFT PFF projects on the Polygon Network.

Prior to the announcement of showcasing at the Game Developers Conference, Intella X has recently soft-launched its 'Intella X Wallet' as well as launched the first game of its 2023 game lineup.

Furthermore, Intella X recently partnered with IndiGG with the GameOn campaign, a cooperative online marketing campaign held by INDIGG and Polygon Labs to promote a healthy Web3 gaming experience.

Intella X is set to officially launch its platform services, including its proprietary Decentralized Exchange (DEX), NFT Launchpad, and Marketplace in the first half of 2023.

To learn more about Intella X's Web3 gaming platform and games, visit the Polygon booth at GDC 2023.

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BC Supreme Court Says Loot Box Claim May Proceed

Since 2020, Slater Vecchio LLP has filed class action litigation claims in British Columbia and Quebec against video game companies who sell "loot boxes". A summary of these lawsuits can be found here: https:www.slatervecchio.comclass-actionloot-boxes-class-action

A loot box is a game of chance inside a video game in which a player pays for a digital "roll of the dice" chance to obtain a randomized selection of virtual items, ranging from simple customization options for a player's avatar or character, to game-changing equipment or additional avatars/characters which can enhance a player's ability to beat others.

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GAIMIN releases GAIMCRAFT API technology to convert Web2 applications to Web3

GAIMIN ( ), the world's leader in delivering decentralised, distributed data processing power, today announces the release of its GAIMCRAFT API to convert Web2 applications to Web3.

Gaimin API to convert Web2 applications to Web3 (CNW Group/Gaimin)

Through GAIMCRAFT API technology a game developer is now able to convert their existing Web2 game into a Web3 game, integrating blockchain technology, including NFT assets into their game, and creating a crypto -based in-game economy.

The growth of blockchain technology and the benefits it provides to both application developers and gamers has identified a need for developers to integrate the technology into their applications. In a typical Web2 game, a player builds up an in-game asset repository, which is typically purchased through the game. When the player stops playing the game, the asset repository remains within the game and is lost, along with all the investment. With blockchain based NFT assets, the inventory is held outside the game, with the gamer retaining ownership of the asset. If the gamer starts playing a different game, they can re-use their NFT in the new game and therefore retain their investment. In addition, in-game NFT assets can also be transacted through a marketplace. Utilising smart contract technology, NFTs can be sold, purchased and even rented with transactions never disputed and validated through the blockchain. NFT rentals managed by a smart contract ensure return of the NFT at the end of the rental period, generating a financial return for the original owner and management of the ownership of the asset.

The GAIMCRAFT API enables a developer to convert a Web2 game to Web3 and take advantage of blockchain technology including smart contracts, NFTs and crypto wallets. With GAIMCRAFT API, the developer creates a unique product key and manages smart contracts containing NFTs within their application via this key. Users register with the application and can link crypto wallets to the game, allowing the developer to use blockchain-based assets, such as NFTs, managing and controlling NFT utility from within the game. The API also aligns with GAIMIN's GMRX cryptocurrency and delivers marketplace functionality to the developer, providing a ready made environment to deliver an in-game economy based on a real-world crypto currency.

Martin Speight , CEO of GAIMIN ( www.Gaimin. gg ) stated, "The release of our blockchain technology through an API is a game changer for games developers. Developers can bring their games to the Web3 gaming market through integration of GAIMIN's API into their applications. Currently supporting the EPIC/Unreal games development engine, we will be releasing SDKs incorporating the API for a number of different platforms over the coming months.

Andrew Faridani , CMO for GAIMIN said, "The release of this free API provides games developers with an easy route to delivering a Web3 game. Launching through GAIMIN provides a ready made, gaming-friendly, user community who already have a funded account ready to spend on their games. The incorporation of NFT technology into games means that in-game assets are transferable to other games and any investment in gaming is not lost when moving from game to game."

Martin added, "Conversion of a Web2 game to a Web3 game using GAIMCRAFT API provides a fast track for a games developer to launch their game on GAIMIN's soon to be launched Web3 games launcher - a repository of Web3 games all supporting blockchain technology. Use of GAIMIN's game launching platform provides a ready made user base for games; a user community motivated to play these games through the GAIMIN app which provides a passive monetization facility resulting in low cost or even free gameplay using their earned GMRX."

The added advantage of the GAIMCRAFT API is its alignment with GMRX, GAIMIN's cryptocurrency . Users of the GAIMIN app receive monetization rewards for passive participation in GAIMIN's distributed data processing network. Earned GMRX can then be used to cover costs associated with gaming, with Web3 games on the GAIMIN games launcher platform utilising GMRX for its in-game economy, the physical cost to gamers for playing a game is very much reduced or even eliminated.


GAIMIN.IO Ltd (GAIMIN) is a UK and Swiss based gaming company focused on helping the gaming community monetise the computational power of their gaming PC. GAIMIN has created a decentralised data processing network harnessing under utilised processing power typically found in gaming PC's to create a world-wide decentralised data processing network, delivering supercomputer performance.

With a free to download PC-based application, GAIMIN monetises the under utilised performance through innovative approaches to delivering supercomputer level data processing performance from a world-wide network of independent processing devices which power GAIMIN.CLOUD . Focusing initially on video rendering and AI data processing, with an always available service to power blockchain computations, the GAIMIN data processing network is continuously delivering data processing services and returning rewards back to its user community.

GAIMIN rewards users in its own crypto currency, GMRX which can then be used for purchases on the GAIMIN Marketplace for NFTs, in-game assets, accessories and merchandise, or it can be converted to fiat or a different crypto currency.

For more information on GAIMIN click on this link:
To download the GAIMIN app, please go to

For up to date information, please follow the following GAIMIN social media accounts:

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Arkadium Announces CEO Transition

Arkadium, the leader in games developed exclusively for the grown-up audience, announced today that Jessica Rovello has transitioned to the role of Executive Chairwoman and named President and Co-Founder Kenny Rosenblatt as its new CEO. Ms. Rovello served as the company's CEO for 7 years, presiding over a period of great transition and growth for the organization.

Kenny Rosenblatt is now CEO of Arkadium

During her tenure in the role, Arkadium's revenue and profits grew steadily year over year; the company earned numerous best workplace awards, was named a Forbes Small Giant , and was featured on the cover of Inc Magazine. Rovello also presided over a buyback of the company's shares from its VC investors and led the company's transition out of Russia .

"The most selfless act an entrepreneur can make is to intentionally leave the company they founded in order to give others opportunities to grow," said Kenny Rosenblatt . "Jess led us through two wars, a pandemic, and upheaval in our industry, and still leaves Arkadium in the strongest position it has ever been in, both financially and strategically. The leadership team, along with the systems and processes she put in place, will help Arkadium to flourish for years, if not decades, to come."

"I'm so honored to have worked with Arkadians from all over the world for these past 20+ years, first as its Co-Founder and then as CEO. Working for any company, but particularly a games company should be FUN. Despite all of the challenges the world tossed at us, I had a great time," stated Rovello, "and I could not be more excited to watch Kenny, the executive team, and the whole organization reach great new heights as it embarks on this next chapter."

Rovello and Rosenblatt co-founded Arkadium in 2001 when both were 26 years old. The duo, who are married with three children, are a true anomaly in the games industry - which is known for its stressful work environments, hit-driven business models, and male dominated-work cultures. "I can count on one hand the number of female CEOs who founded a gaming company, grew it to more than $100 Million in enterprise value, generated tremendous profits, and made it last for more than 20 years. Jess is truly a one-in-a-billion entrepreneur," said Rosenblatt.

This will be Kenny's second run as CEO of Arkadium. Rosenblatt held the role from 2001 to 2015.  Moving forward, Arkadium will continue to focus on the grown-up gamer and develop games that retain and delight their unique audience.

About Arkadium

For 20 years, Arkadium has been the ultimate creator of games designed for grown-up players. Arkadium has developed dozens of hit titles enjoyed by millions worldwide. Its games can be found on its own top-ranked game site as well as on iOS, Android, and websites of world's biggest publishers and brands – including USA Today, AARP, The Washington Post, and MSN. Headquartered in New York City with an additional game studio in Portugal , Arkadium is a privately held business owned and led by co-founding husband-and-wife team Kenny Rosenblatt and Jessica Rovello . It has consistently ranked as a "Best Place to Work" by Inc. Magazine, Ad Age, Crain's New York , and more. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Arkadium Company Logo

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