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GTI Enters Into At-The-Market Finance Facility

GTI Energy Ltd (ASX: GTR) (GTI or Company) is pleased to advise finalisation and entry into an At- the-Market (ATM) Financing Deed with 8 Equity Pty Ltd (Financier). The ATM facility provides the Company with up to $2,000,000 of standby equity capital over the coming 3-year term (Term).

  • At-the-Market (ATM) Facility finalised providing GTI with standby equity capital of up to $2M over a 3-year term
  • GTI retains full control over all aspects whether and when it could utilise the facility
  • ATM facility provides flexibility for the Company to strengthen its balance sheet, as it continues its strategy to advance its ISR Uranium projects in Wyoming
GTI Director, Bruce Lane commented: “The ATM facility provides GTI with an additional flexible option to help finance exploration and development activities at our Wyoming ISR uranium projects.”


  • GTI retains control over all aspects of the facility having sole discretion over its use.
  • During the Term, GTI may issue one or more finance requests specifying:
    • the amount raised and/or the number of Shares it would like to transact;
    • the floor price (minimum price) it wishes to raise funds at; and
    • the period over which it wishes the request to be filled.
  • Once the Financier has received a finance request, the Financier will seek to transact the Shares on market in accordance with the finance request, but not more than 15% of the daily sales volume of Shares traded on ASX during any given day (without the prior consent of GTI).
  • The Financier will provide GTI with proceeds from the Share sale (less costs) post the sales period.
  • GTI has the ability to cancel a finance request at any time.
  • GTI plans to issue 97,192,933 Shares to the Financier at nil consideration (Advance Subscription Shares) as security for the obligations owed to the Financier under the Facility pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 7.1.
  • If any Advanced Subscription Shares remain on issue at the end of the Facility Term, they will either be cancelled for nil consideration (subject to shareholder approval) or sold for GTI’s benefit on market (subject to a stipulated a floor price) or retained by the Financier at a price to be agreed by the parties.

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