theScore’s Esports Channel Reaches 1 Million YouTube Subscribers


With partnerships including NVIDIA and Ubisoft, theScore’s esports channel has reached 85 million views over the quarter.

theScore (TSXV:SCR), gaming and sports betting platform announced that its esports channel has reached a milestone 1 million YouTube subscribers. The chanell has 30 content providers and eight videos produced on a weekly basis, for both casual and seasoned esports fans.

As quoted in the press release:

“We’re incredibly proud of our growth rate and the success we’ve found across theScore esports’ video franchises,” said Aubrey Levy, VP of Content & Marketing at theScore. “Our focus is on producing premium video storytelling that is equally entertaining and approachable for all levels of fandom. We’re thrilled at how audiences have responded to our content, and we thank our loyal fanbase for all of their support in helping us hit one million subscribers.

“As we’ve already seen through our recent partnerships with Ubisoft and Nvidia, the reach and engagement of our video content has also created exciting opportunities for brands. Through our in-house team of esports industry experts and content creators, theScore esports is the perfect partner for those looking to engage with a large and highly-coveted audience of competitive gaming fans.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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