Perceptron Announces Major Automotive Manufacturing Order

- October 24th, 2019

The order will integrate Perceptron’s automated Helix robot mounted sensors in addition to its data visualization technology.

Perceptron (NASDAQ:PRCP), automated 3D technology company focused on industrial sectors announced that it has secured a contract from a major automotive manufacturer. Perceptron will be deploying its robotic sensors and data visualization technology for automated manufacturing processes. As recently as July, Perceptron received orders from an undisclosed electric vehicle manufacturing company for its robot guidance products.

As quoted in the press release:

The project includes Perceptron’s integration of seven in-line systems measuring the frame, underbody, and motor compartment on six unique vehicle models. These innovative systems utilize robot mounted Helix®evo sensors to scan a variety of features, including threaded studs, rivets, and hybrid holes without part preparation, like powders, sprays, or inserts. All measurement results are analyzed in real-time using Perceptron’s built-in, reporting and data visualization package.

“This large order is a testament to the continual high standard Perceptron sets for accurate, non-contact metrology and automated manufacturing,” added Van Valkenburg.  “We continue to develop breakthrough product innovations through a strategic commitment to these initiatives as well as years of plant floor metrology experience.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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