5 Top Weekly NASDAQ Tech Stocks: Mer Telemanagement Leads

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Which NASDAQ tech stocks gained the most last week? We run through the five biggest gainers in this article.

The NASDAQ Composite Index (INDEXNASDAQ:IXIC) opened at 8,559.65 points on Monday (November 25) and reached 8,665.42 points as of 1:45 p.m. EST on Friday (November 29).

On Monday, ecommerce firm eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) announced that it is selling StubHub for US$4 billion to Viagogo. The sale comes after activist investors urged the company to strategically review the company as its shares have failed to take off in the way that the shares of its competitors Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Shopify (TSX:SHOP) have.

Following the launch last week of Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) cybertruck, spectacles were made out of comparing its towing capacities with GM (NYSE:GM) and Ford Motors (NYSE:F). Elon Musk states that the new truck can tow up to 14,000 pounds.

Looking back over the week, in the small- and mid-cap spaces the five top gainers were as follows:

  • Mer Telemanagement Solutions (NASDAQ:MTSL)
  • Ability (NASDAQ:ABIL)
  • SharpSpring (NASDAQ:SHSP)
  • BroadVision (NASDAQ:BVSN)
  • AgroFresh Solutions (NASDAQ:AGFS)

Mer Telemanagement Solutions

With clients in government, education and enterprise, Mer Telemanagement Solutions is a telecom company with over 20 years in operation. Its portfolio of solutions includes call reporting, accounting and telecom cost management systems. Additionally, it supports call systems from Skype to Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO).

Although Mer Telemanagement did not report any new announcements over the week, in late October it completed US$1.5 million in financing from an institutional investor. The financing established a new class of preferred shares at US$1.14 per share.

Mer Telemanagement Solutions shares reached US$1.20, representing a 12.15 percent rise, as of 11.23 a.m. EST on Friday.


Ability is a cellular and satellite communications company that exclusively services government organizations in departments such as border services, armies, presidential police and Homeland Security Organizations. Across its cellular applications are strategic interception systems that do not require the need to cooperate with network operators, allowing for the ability to identify the location of a given phone.

Despite no announcements last week, Ability’s shares climbed 12.08 percent to US$0.38 as of 12:24 p.m. EST on Friday.


With headquarters in Gainesville, Florida, SharpSpring is a digital marketing company with clients in 50 countries worldwide. Its services span through sales analytics, behavior-based emails and customer relationship management. SharpSpring works closely with agencies and small to medium businesses.

During the previous trading week, the company acquired market platform Perfect Audience from Marin Software (NASDAQ:MRIN) for US$4.6 million in cash. The cloud-based platform deploys targeted advertising to optimize lead functionality.

Shares of SharpSpring were up 10.54 percent last week to US$12.80 as of 12:23 p.m. EST on Friday.


Founded in 1993, BroadVision is a workplace communications company that operates two core applications, Vmoso and QuickSilver. Vmoso provides the interface for top-down assignments, bottom-up reporting and cross-organizational collaboration for retail sectors. QuickSilver, on the other hand, is a document creation application that supports multiple languages and formats.

While it had no major announcements this week, BroadVision’s shares climbed to US$2.75, a 10.18 percent hike, as of 12:33 p.m. EST on Friday.

Agro Fresh Solutions

Agriculture technology company AgroFresh Solutions develops monitoring analytics, storage insights and predictive screening to help produce extend their shelf life. With operations across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and North America, AgroFresh services packers, growers and produce retailers.

Earlier in November, the company reported its third quarter earnings. Net sales declined 29 percent compared to the third quarter of 2018, ending up at US$49 million. This coincided with adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization lagging 40 percent during the same period to US$31.7 million. A number of weather disruptions impacted its North American divisions.

Shares of AgroFresh Solutions reached US$2.35, a 9.3 percent increase, as of 12:09 p.m. EST on Friday.

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